“You will find yourself leading somebody.
You will find people being attracted towards you because of who you are.
So you will always find yourself in a mode of inspiring others and serving others…
I want to see you as emerging leaders and contributors towards a better society.
You are going to be the role models, the emerging leaders…”

 – Sri Vasudeva

The Blue Star Youth Group seeks to help youths discover their full potential through holistic programs, and to help influence change within communities. The main goal of our group is to live and spread the messages of Sri Vasudeva and the Blue Star, as we continuously evolve our programs.

Our programs are tailored to assist youths in the areas of spiritual, social and physical development. The activities engage the talents and interest of youths, building on their strengths and involving them in planning and decision-making processes. These programs provide a family-like environment where youths are able to build meaningful relationships.

Our Programs

July/August Junior and Senior Youth Camp

Youth camps are held annually during the July/August period for both children and young adults and are facilitated respectively by in-house members and Guruji. These camps provide youths with the necessary practical tools to meet with their life in a masterful way.

Monthly Junior Sessions

Monthly Youth Group sessions continue to focus on the junior youths below the age of 13. These sessions, inspired by Guruji’s teachings, are facilitated by youth members and are supported by senior Blue Star facilitators. The topics covered include yoga, energy awareness and multidimensionality, and are brought to the youths in creative and fun ways.

New Activities

Senior Youths are involved in various activities at the Blue Star. Some of which include:

  • Expanding junior youth sessions out into community.

  • Conducting Satsangs at the Freeport Centre.

  • Supporting Blue Star Trinidad & Tobago Fundraisers and Programs

  • Supporting specialised teams such as the Tapovan team, audio-visual team and the external seva team

Our aim for the year 2017 is to expand our projects further into community and to inspire more youths.

We hope that our group continues to grow in the light and be ever in service to Guruji and the divine mission of the Blue Star.

Join Us!

Although our plans are still evolving, the synergy among the team is continuously growing. All of our programs could not be possible without the support and commitment of our youth members, parents, Blue Star members and the blessings of Guruji. So in the same spirit, we welcome any services or ideas you wish to offer to our group and invite all youths and youths at heart to be a part of our upcoming activities.

To join, contact us, or for further announcements please message us here or at our Facebook Page – Blue Star Youths.

In loving Service,

Blue Star Youths

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