All of our practitioners serving at our Blue Star Wellness centre are doing so on a voluntary basis and all proceedings from treatments directly flow to Blue Star (non-profit organization) and into sustaining and improving the work that we are doing here to serve our world!

Our Practitioner Team

Savitri Bridgelal

While Savitri, loving mother of 2 children and grandmother of 3 grand children, worked in accountancy and later as an auditor, she always knew that after she retired she wanted to serve at the Blue Star ashram that she had been frequenting since …. At first she was not sure in what way, but as soon as she did a Swedish Massage course at the Blue Star Wellness Centre …

… she knew she had found her path because she tremendously loved doing these massages!

She continued with courses in Reiki 1 and 2 and Reflexology, and was then asked by Sri Vasudeva to to further explore the fascinating world of Ayurvedic treatments with Dr. Dinesh Katri (founder of the Kala Ashram Institute for Alternative Medicine, Holistic Healing, Treatment & Research Centre in Udaipur, India). This led her to embark on a 1-month intense learning experience in India together with Mala Harynannan from Blue Star, where both were personally trained for hours each day by Dr. Dinesh’s wife Dr. Saroj Sharma in many Ayurvedic treatments. And even now that Savi is giving these Ayurvedic treatments here in Trinidad, she continues to work in close collaboration with Dr. Saroj, making sure she checks for every condition of a client that is new to her, with Dr. Saroj on how to provide the best treatment plan. In this way Savi can ensure the client is offered the best treatment possible and she tremendously enjoys continuing to learn about all the conditions and treatments so she can always improve her therapies.

In all of her treatments, Savi is most happy when she can give to others and she always wants to give a little more than she could give before. She enjoys feeling the connection to the client and the energy that can flow between client and therapist. When done in the right space, a massage can feel so easy and relaxing, even for the therapist that is putting in the energy! She looks forward to coming to our Wellness centre and serving here every day that she can and she feels like she is in Satsang – a spiritually sacred gathering – just while doing her massages. She would love to use her energies and knowledge to help you too!

Savi comes to our Wellness centre for 2 days a week, usually Mondays and Wednesdays, but may come on other days as well to facilitate her clients. She currently offers:

Savi’s Reiki experience is integrated in all of her other therapies.

Dr. Padmini Bhavani Naraine

Bhavani was always interested in living a healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods, and even more so when she was gifted with a beautiful daughter and son. When she discovered the 4 year (fulltime) Holistic Wellness Program in Toronto in 1997, she felt inexplicably drawn to enroll. In these 4 years she studied different healing modalities …

… such as massages, Shiatsu, Reiki, nutrition, homeopathy and many more and she gathered an enormous amount of experience doing more than a thousand case studies on people. In 2000 she became a certified Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner (recognized by the Canadian Examining Board) and opened a small but really succesfull practice in her home.

Then Bhavani moved to Florida with her husband and family and her life changed tremendously. She took some time off to help her children adjust to the changes, but even in that time she did not let go of her inner desire to work in wellness. She opened a holistic and vegetarian Health Food Café for a while and she also volunteered at the local hospital. After some years she really wanted to get back to her true calling for holistic work, but first she needed to get certified again to be able to practice in America. Upon completing a teacher training couse in sports yoga, she found a program where she could expand her holistic knowledge even more and got her Masters and finally her Doctoral Degree from the University of Sedona in 2013, with a dissertation on the topic of a holistic approach to menopause.

Bhavani still lives in Florida, but visits Blue Star Trinidad several times a year for extended periods. She manages our massage and reflexology team and also is the force behind our upcoming new 2-year Holistic Wellness Practitioners Program to be taught at our Wellness centre starting in early 2020 (stay tuned!). In between her busy schedule of teaching classes she still finds time to do individual treatments for clients whenever she is with us.

Bhavani is highly motivated to help Wellness grow into a state of the art place where everyone can come and be healed by a large variety of holistic therapies, supported by all innovations of the regular medical system. She believes it is important for everyone that we keep spirituality as the foundation of everything that we do. She loves being there for a client, listening to them and becoming the instrument to direct them to where they need to go with their lives and to help them make beneficial changes. She also gives great importance to supporting all of our practitioners here so they can keep working on themselves every day. The more we as practitioners can heal our own issues and become really well ourselves, the more we can channel information and help our clients. By guiding both clients and our practioners, Bhavani hopes to make her small contribution to making the world a better place; one where we really understand and use the concept of holistic Wellness!

When Bhavani is at our Wellness centre, she offers:


Muktabai – Wil van der Lans – is a Dutch educationalist with more than forty years of experience working in a variety of children and adult learning environments. She is an innovator who has focused on the discovery of human potential in a joyful, playful and spiritual way. Her lifelong interest …

… in spirituality was sparked during her long term residence at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, the Alice A. Bailey school in New Zealand and the ashrams of Sri Vasudeva in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada.

Findhorn has long been known for its commitment to living spiritual principles and during her stay she rediscovered the magic and gifts of ‘The Transformation Game’ and as a certified trained facilitator she has been guiding many people in greater self-realization. Having discovered the magic and gifts of the Spiritual Astrology and the Osho Zen Tarot, she has been guiding many people into greater self-realization through these divine tools as well.

Muktabai offers:

Dr. Mala Maharaj

Dr. Mala Maharaj is a psychiatrist with thirty years of experience in the field of psychiatry. She uses a holistic approach to patient care, is a certified Heartmath professional, and has training in hypnotherapy. Meeting Sri Vasudeva in 1994 added a spiritual dimension to her approach to therapy and she embraces the principle that at the core of our being, we are all connected, beyond outward differences.


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