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Muktabai’s Reviews

The horoscope session gave me insights of the karma I have to transform in this life and my life-purpose. This is a great tool and with the explanation and expertise of Muktabai it becomes wonderful

Narayana (Holland), Horoscope session with Muktabai

Although I did Astrology before, I was very touched by Muktabai’s way of working with it. She has a depth that connects you with your own depth. I felt as if she knew things about me that were so precise.

Haridas (Romania), Horoscope session with Muktabai

When I was going through changes in my life, Muktabai created a beautiful and safe space for me to explore and to transform. She is absolutely loving and her non-judgmental nature makes it an absolute delight to do this with her.

Sridevi (Trinidad & Tobago, Horoscope session with Muktabai

Experiencing the OSHO cards with Muktabai is an amazing experience! She carefully takes the time to create a warm, inviting space and attune to the guidance that may come. I have found the readings to be profound, thought-provoking and even at times surprising by the wisdom revealed by these cards!

Ajaya (Canada), Card reading with Muktabai