Do you know someone who needs healing and would you like to add their name to our healing box, then please fill in your information below.  Of course, you can also fill in the form for yourself if you are the one that needs healing. We add the information to our healing box that we pray for collectively in every Healing Circle that we have (usually each Wednesday evening).

We treat information confidentially and will only use this to put it in the healing box, but please make sure you have permission from the one who is challenged before you submit their personal data or are absolutely sure they would not mind you sending in their information. 

Once a name is entered into our healing box, it stays there for a while. We empty out older requests in the box once it is full using a special ritual, and so far this is done perhaps once a year.

    Fill in the details of the person needing healing below (you may again fill in your own details if you are the one that needs healing):

    When you have seen a message in green that your data has been submitted, then we have received your request!

    Thank you for your care!