Flight options

To visit the ashram from abroad, you need to book a flight to Port of Spain, Trinidad (Airport code POS). You can find and book your flight via ticket search websites such as Expedia, Skyscanner or Kilroy Travels, or via country-specific sites such as Cheaptickets.nl. Or you can book directly via the airline website, which is often a little bit cheaper though this doesn’t always show the combination tickets (where you fly through several airlines). Generally, as long as you book everything on one ticket, transfering to another airlines is no problem because in case of a missed connection they will arrange a new flight for you.

If you fly to Trinidad through the USA and are not a US resident, make sure you obtain an ESTA or visa before you fly! Also for connections through Canada, apply for an eTA or visa. For ESTA, eTA and visa, a creditcard is required (can be a friend’s). If you fly through the USA or Canada while not being resident there, make sure to have at least 2 hours and preferably 3 hours connection time as transfers can take long here.

The following airlines fly on the Trinidadian airport Port of Spain (POS):

(for Europe)

British Airways flies to Port of Spain from London Gatwick, so good options for all European countries from where you can take a BA flight to London Gatwick. Generally a very comfortable flight, though nog the cheapest. The most rested you will arrive when you book (through the BA website) a flight to London on an afternoon or evening, book a hotel for the night, and fly to Trinidad the next morning. The flight to Trinidad is a direct flight with one stop in St. Lucia, which means the plane lands and people get on and off but you remain in the plane. British airways also offers flight connections through Barbados or through America in combination with American Airlines.

(for Europe / North America)

United Airlines offers flights to Port of Spain from New York (seasonally) or Houston (all year). From Europe transfer times in America are often extremely long (10-12 hours) but flights can be cheap.

(for North America or England)

Westjet offers flights to Port of Spain from Toronto fives times a week and connecting flights can be booked to many Canadian cities, a few US cities (Boston and New York La Guardia) and London Gatwick. Generally a very cheap and decent but basic flight.

(for North America)

Caribbean Airlines offers flights to Port of Spain from Toronto, New York, Orlando, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and several Caribbean islands and South American countries. Suitable for direct flights but  does not offer connecting flight schemes on their website. Can sometimes be combined with a few other airlines from their websites.

(for Europe)

KLM offers a direct flight from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Port of Spain on Tuesdays, Thursdays (Fridays from Mar 28, 2023), and Sundays, with a stopover in Bridgetown, Barbados on the way to Trinidad. During this stopover, you are not allowed to leave the airplane. The return flight does not have a stopover. Tickets can be booked through the KLM website. Connections to other places in Europe are possible.

(for Europe / North America)

American Airlines offers flights to Port of Spain from Miami, and from Miami connecting flights can be booked to many US cities and a few European ones (Helsinki, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona and Madrid). Can be combined with British Airways. From Europe often one of the cheapest flights, but generally a long travel with two connections and USA customs.

(for North America)

Jetblue offers flights to Port of Spain from New York JFK and Ft. Lauderdale and from those two to many other US cities.

(for Europe)

Condor offers flights to Tobago from Munich and Frankfurt in Germany and from there to many other European cities. A flight from Tobago to Port of Spain can be booked on the same ticket (in combination with Caribbean Airlines). From most European cities probably not the most comfortable journey with two transfers, but always an option.

From airport arrival to ashram

In the airplane you will get a white immigration form. Make sure you fill this in before you land. For this you will need your flight information, the address of the ashram (39 Bandoo Street, Union Village, Claxton Bay) and your passport number.

When you exit the airplane, it is wisest to walk to immigration as quickly as you can, as lines can be long so the more people you can be ahead of the better (no washroom stops if possible, though be ready for a possible long wait). A seat more in front in the airplane helps as well (something to take into account when selecting your seat).

At the desk you are asked to present your passport, the white immigration form and sometimes your return ticket (always make sure you have one!). They ask also for a name and phone number of the person who is picking you up, make sure you get this from our office when confirming your stay with us. At the immigration desk be polite and answer all questions. Most European, USA and Canadian citizens are allowed to enter Trinidad and Tobago for vacation purposes for a maximum of 90 days within a 180 day period. Check this site for the most recent news on visa requirements.

When you are admitted you can go and collect your suitcase. Then follows a final check where sometimes they scan your suitcase for restricted items that should’ve been declared (do not bring fresh fruits and vegetables and a jar of honey is usually not a good idea either, click here for more info). Once you have cleared customs, you can walk outside where your ride should be waiting for you. If you wish, you can also get some cash at an ATM at the airport, though they are also known for not working with some foreign cards (but no harm in trying).

Best travel periods

In terms of the weather, Trinidad is always warm and variations in seasons are small. The rainy season is June to November and the dry season December to May. November and December are generally the coolest months, the end of dry season can be quite hot (April, May) and also August often has some hot weeks. Rainy days are often cooler, but the dry period is better if you would like less mosquitoes.

The 40 Days period, between March 26 and May 5, is always a special period to go. In this retreat period there is an intensive program with more morning talks, workshops or conversation groups than usual. A few weeks before the 40 Days we celebrate Maha Shivratri, a program of chanting in honor of Shiva during the night from 9 pm to 6 am the next morning. If you can catch this festival, it will be well worth it! Maha Shivratri is a different date each year, check our calendar or google it.

May and June are often months of travelling for Sri Vasudeva (other months can be as well). If you would like to know whether he is at the ashram when you are planning to come, check with our office. In July we celebrate Guru Purnima, the day where the Guru Principle is honored and henceforth one of the most important days of the year when one is committed to the Guru-disciple relationship. On the 14th of August there is a special program for the birthday of Sri Vasudeva and around his birthday he usually offers a special 3-day retreat.

In August or early September we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with an evening of mantra chanting in honor of Krishna. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are also celebrated with special chanting programs and a festive breakfast. In the Christmas period there is usually also another 3-day retreat period.


If you have additional travel experience or tips that you would like to share for this page, please contact us!