Support Us

The work of Blue Star is not an individual effort, nor that from a small team, but it involves the help and support of hundreds of people. We would love you to be part of this!

Support Physically

If you are able to visit our ashram, you are very much invited to help us with all our seva (selfless service), such as cleaning, painting, gardening, cooking, healing work and more. You can come and stay here (see visitor information), or you can just come to help us out with seva. Contact our office to let us know of your availability!

Support Financially

As a non-profit organization that aims to make attendance at most of our programs completely free, we can always use your financial support. You are invited to make your donations for general purposes, or for specific projects that we will announce from time to time on this page. See below to make your contribution!

You can make your donations by choosing recurring or one-time donations below. Click on the button on the right for more information on payment options.

Recurring Monthly Donations

Would you like to donate a little bit to Blue Star each month without having to think about it? We now made this possible! You can set-up monthly donations via Stripe or PayPal and they will automatically be deducted from your account each month. And if you want to change the amount or cancel your donation, you can easily do so yourself via your account page! (Or you can contact us as well and we will be happy to help). Click the button below for more information and setting up your donation!

One-Time Donations

For a one-time donation you can choose one of the donation goals below. Use the arrows to scroll left and right, or check out the overview page via the button underneath the carousel.