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A Call for Physical and Financial Support

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The work of Blue Star is not an individual effort, nor that from a small team, but it involves the help and support of hundreds of people. We would love you to be part of this!

Physical Support

If you are able to visit our ashram, you are very much invited to help us with all our seva (selfless service), such as cleaning, painting, gardening, cooking, healing work and more. You can come and stay here (see visitor information), or you can just come to help us out with seva. Contact our office to let us know of your availability!

Financial Support

As a non-profit organization that aims to make attendance at most of our programs completely free, we can always use your financial support. You are invited to make your donations for general purposes, or for specific projects that we will announce from time to time on this page. See below for more information!

Payment Options

Click the button below to get more information on the payment options on our site using creditcard and PayPal.


August 2018 Retreat

If you are joining our August 2018 retreat via streaming, you are very welcome to make a contribution to support our work. Just fill in your amount below and click the button! (Amounts are in US dollars)

Support our August Retreat 2018

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Donation Total: $30

Tapovan Needs Your Support!

We continue to pursue the establishment of reliable, year round vehicular access to our Tapovan TT lands. We have the opportunity to make significant progress via the rehabilitation of the Juan Navarro Trace. We have received a generous donation of machinery and transport for the project, so need to provide labour and material. This much needed vehicular access will enable greater progress with the co-creation of the Tapovan TT Project, and it cannot happen without your support! Read more on our plans by clicking the button below, or directly make a donation if you wish below! (Amounts are in US dollars)

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Support our Tapovan Access Road Phase I

$2,201 of $30,000 raised
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Donation Total: $25

General Donations

If you like to support the work of Blue Star in general and not specifically for any kind of project, you are of course very welcome to make your contribution. Just fill in your amount below and click the button! (Amounts are in US dollars)

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Donation Total: $25