Whether you are interested in reaching the highest state of consciousness possible or whether you are just looking to improve your physical, mental or emotional wellbeing, it is extremely important to everyone to learn the secrets to true wellbeing. True wellbeing is not just about the physical, but it is about learning to work more and more with your subtle and causal bodies and learning how to connect to that Infinite Source of Consciousness where we are always well. If we truly experience our subtle body and our connection to our Source, we can bring magical energies into our bodies and make miracles happen. Are you interested in exploring all the tools and powers that you have and make another step on your journey of consciousness evolution? Then this course is for you! 

On this page you can register for Module 2 of the course. Watch the registration tutorial first if you need to or a demo of the course (both videos are for Module 1, but the procedures are the same for Module 2):

UPDATE: Some aspects of the registration process have changed since first launching the course: if you register now, you will have access to all lessons right away and can follow them at your own schedule. The Facebook group mentioned in the videos above is no longer online.

The content of this course is created under direct guidance of Sri Vasudeva, based on materials recorded in March 2020. Module 2 consists of 11 lessons and 2 bonus summary lessons of module 1 and is divided into the following topics:

– Summary Module 1 (2 lessons)
– Meeting Ego Challenges on the Wellness Journey (2 lessons)
– Using the Three Gunas on the Wellness Journey (2 lessons)
– The Mental Field and its Influence on All Levels (2 lessons)
– Relationship of our Three Bodies to Wellbeing (3 lessons)
– Take Charge of your Physical Wellbeing (2 lessons)

Each lesson will feature:

  • audio files (downloadable mp3’s) of an inspirational talk and a meditation of Sri Vasudeva
  • full transcript of the talk (downloadable pdf)
  • study guides with key contemplation points and hints for meditation
  • practice incentives and journal points
  • extra materials for some lessons

You are not required to have followed Module 1 in order to participate in Module 2, though we do recommend being familiar with Sri Vasudeva’s teachings. If you are not, we suggest to start with Module 1 first.

After you have purchased the package, you can access the course via the link that will be e-mailed to you, or via the top menu on our website (Programs-Online Courses). Bookmark the course page on your device for easy access! Course access is guaranteed until at least the end of 2022. The downloadable files can be saved to your devices to be kept forever.

Continue below for some practical info and to register for Module 2.

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