This course teaches us how to live every day with a purpose. It is perfect for the start of a new year, though the lessons of course apply to all seasons. This course consists of 14 lessons and each lesson will feature:

  • audio files (downloadable mp3’s) of an inspirational talk and a meditation of Sri Vasudeva
  • full transcript of the talk (downloadable pdf)
  • contemplation highlights for your study
  • hints for meditation
  • practice incentives

You can watch a course demonstration video here and a video tutorial about the registration process here.
UPDATE: Some aspects of the registration process have changed since first launching the course and if you register now, you will have access to all lessons right away and can follow them at your own schedule. The forum mentioned in the videos above is no longer online.

The downloadable files can be saved to your devices to be kept forever. Course access is guaranteed until at least the end of 2022.

The content of this course is created under intense guidance of Sri Vasudeva, based on materials recorded in January 2020.

After you have purchased the package, you can access the course via the link that will be e-mailed to you, or via the top menu on our website (Programs-Online Courses). Bookmark the course page on your device for easy access!

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