The Magic of Mahayoga

Mahayoga is a journey where we become awakened in a very natural and spontaneous way to the evolutionary power of Kundalini. Kundalini is the Guru within, the God within, and when She comes alive in us, She takes us on a fascinating journey. She clears the space, opens our spiritual centers and opens our consciousness until ultimately, She leads us to freedom, where we become merged in Her and we become an instrument of Her.

Mahayoga is an amazing yogic science, because you do not have to force the spiritual journey. You do not have to determine where you want to go. As Guruji says: “That awakened Energy inside of you will guide you on the journey, as my journey was guided. I never had to determine what the next step was. My awakened Being led me to the next step, and from step to step my journey was driven by that Energy that I gave attention to.”

In this 40-Week Online Immersion Program starting on Monday November 29th, you will learn how to allow that awakened Energy to guide you to a greater level of spiritual discipline, spiritual awareness, sustained awareness, and how to work in this co-creative atmosphere of Grace that holds us all in the space. You will be fully enveloped in these magical teachings under the guidance of an accomplished Master. You can find all the information about the program and how to apply below!

Applications due in:


Program Content

In this online immersion program, starting on Monday November 29th, you will:

  1. Have access to one new lesson a week (released on Mondays) in our online course environment (click on pics for larger samples), containing (all downloadable):
    • A talk (video) and meditation (audio) from the 40 Days 2016.
    • Transcripts of the talk and meditation.
    • Schemes with key contemplation points and meditation steps.
    • A short and powerful key practice for the lesson.
    • Two beautifully illustrated reminder cards (a practice card and a prayer card) to save to your mobile devices for continuous inspiration. 
    • A Q&A document (PDF, 5-10 pages) with selected and edited questions & answers from the 40 Days 2016 Sacred Conversations (in most lessons).
    • Occasionally: some additional notes, theory, or recommended reading links.
  2. Receive one email a week with additional practice tips.
  3. Receive one email a week with conversations preparation questions.
  4. Take part in a weekly study group (New format! Schedule: a guaranteed group on each Sunday at 3 PM Trinidad time, and other possibilities in the weekend depending on the group’s desires), and plenary conversations with Guruji (most likely every 3 weeks on Sunday 3 PM, based on need).


We will have a one week break – no study groups in the Christmas weekend and no lesson released on Dec 27th – to give you some time to catch up with the first lessons if needed and spend time with family. There is, however, no break in practicing the teachings as we of course aim for integrating spiritual awareness in all we do. The busier we are, the more important it is to stay centered and aware of Divine guidance!

Guruji has not finalized any plans for the 40 Days 2022 yet. The immersion program may be integrated in the 40 Days structure or a different 40 Days program may take place. If that would be a time consuming program, we may decide to pause the immersion program for the 40 Days.

If you sign up via a monthly donation, you have the possibility to stop the program in case of any unforeseen circumstances in your life.

We expect you to:

  • Study every weekly lesson thoroughly: watch and listen to each talk and meditation a few times, study the summaries in depth, and read the Q&A and any extra materials. 
  • Be involved on a daily basis in the key practice and key contemplation (see practice reminder card). 
  • Stay committed to your own personal discipline (having one is a prerequisite). 
  • Be an active participant in one study group a week (highly recommended but not obligatory), and be prepared for these study groups by doing the above and reading the conversation preparation questions in the emails you receive.

There is always a study group or a plenary session on Sundays at 3 PM Trinidad time (which is 2 PM EST, 7 PM in Ireland/UK, 8 PM in the Netherlands and 9 PM in Romania). We plan to also have one or more study groups at different time(s) over the weekend and perhaps Monday. This schedule will depend on the size of the group and be determined in agreement with the group. Study groups are highly recommended but not obligatory.
Plenary sessions with Guruji will take place based on pre-submitted questions (and spontaneous ones when time allows). You will receive the recording afterwards. This means that you can also ask questions even if you are not present live at these sessions. In a week with a plenary session, other study groups may not take place. 

New lessons are officially announced via email on Mondays (leading up to the study groups in the following weekend), but we will make them available in the online course environment the Saturday before. This means you can work ahead in terms of the material if you need to, and take this with you during the week in your daily discipline and practice while in activity.


Those who have succesfully completed the program (based on sufficient participation) will receive an official Blue Star certificate, signed by Sri Vasudeva, stating that you have completed the 40-Week Online Immersion Program: Explore Mahayoga with Sri Vasudeva. This will be mailed to you within 2 months after the end of the program.

Who Can Join?

In this 40-week online immersion program, Guruji is seeking to work with a small group of dedicated seekers whom he will decide are ready to take the next step and go deeper into these teachings and practices. 

The available places in this course are limited and participants will be selected by Guruji personally, based on their:

  • understanding of his fundamental teachings on the subject,

  • level of daily practices,

  • commitment, and

  • life goals.

Those who are not selected for this program, are selected for another program hosted by Blue Star Canada, the online course Introduction to Mahayoga (details of this program are following soon). Introduction to Mahayoga will prepare you to participate in the 40-Week Immersion Program in a next occurence. After being selected, you are able to register for the program you are selected for (do note that being selected is not an obligation to actually register). Registration instructions will be sent out by email.

The application form can be found below. 


Donating for receiving teachings is a spiritual practice called dakshina. In dakshina the student is asked to offer something back to the teacher who gives so selflessly, so that there can be a mutual exchange. In this exchange, we open ourselves up to really receive the knowledge.

For this Online Immersion Program we are asking for a donation of 599 USD (optional discount: 100 USD), which can be donated at once or in 9 terms of 70 USD per month (optional discount: 10 USD/month).

If you are accepted into the program and the requested donation is not possible in your circumstances, be assured that we will come to a solution together. If you are donating in terms, you have the possibility to stop the program whenever you wish (note that you will lose access to the online course environment, but you can download everything before).

Application Form

Please answer the questions below to apply for joining the program. Your answers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

You should hear something back from us usually within a few days, or up to a week at maximum. Contact us if you have not heard anything within one week.

Note: If you are already sure you want to join the Introduction to Mahayoga program by Blue Star Canada and not the 40-Week Immersion, you don’t need to fill out this application form. This application form is for those who desire to participate in the 40-Week Immersion or those who doubt which program is most suitable for them. The Introduction to Mahayoga program will start in January and more information about this program and how to register for that will be sent out soon. 

A few tips:

  • You are required to fill out all fields (even if just a “no”).
  • Be as thorough as needed to explain your experiences, but note that there is a maximum character count in every field (remaining characters shown at the bottom). Note as well that you do not necessarily need to reach the character maximum, this is not an exam.
  • Make sure to have a stable internet connection while typing. Your answers will not be saved if you leave this page before submitting (if you are unsure, write in a separate offline document first and copy from there).

Application deadline: Sunday Nov 14th