This year on the 67th birth anniversary of Sri Vasudeva, we came together as disciples to honour one who has impacted our lives significantly. This retreat features all that he has done over the years, with so much love and energy for our growth and our nourishment. The retreat recordings captures beautifully all that we cherish in these teachings. We have also included some beautiful bonus materials.

Thank you for being with us, showing your support for Sri Vasudeva’s vision for a better world; a more conscious humanity, a more loving humanity. In honouring him, we honour that Self.


Bringing together our great treasures of archive materials over many decades together, these workshops feature the essence of the teachings of Master Sri Vasudeva. It’s a chance to reflect, reminisce and expand our understanding of these timeless messages. To study again and again the materials reveals much more than when we first heard it.

All proceeds from these recordings helps us to continue to preserve and protect the works of Sri Vasudeva, making them available for generations to come.

Edited high quality workshop recordings for all 12 sessions (both morning and afternoon) is available to download for your personal use in both mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) files. We have also included bonus materials and footage you don’t want to miss.

  • Our Multi-Dimensional Nature

  • Be a Co-Creator with the Universe

  • Guru Tattva — Kundalinī Mahayoga

  • Energy Awareness & Mastery — the Kundalinī Journey

  • Secrets to Total Well-Being

  • The Way to Harmonious Co-Existence