Our retreat format this year allows us to truly internalize the teachings and deepen our spiritual practice while connecting us with a global family of retreat participants. We are excited to dive into our archives and share the best of Guru’s teachings over the years. We have pulled out practices and practical applications of his teachings. This is our opportunity to truly integrate what we have been learning.

This retreat will feature:

  • [10am] Morning Workshops (Monday-Tuesday-Thursday): The interactive workshops will feature trained facilitators who will share with you the best of our archives, through key learnings, exercises, conversations and practices that will carry you throughout the day. Each workshop will include a meditation practice.

  • [10:30am] Conversations & Practices with Sri Vasudeva (Friday):  Fridays gives us a chance to further explore the messages of the week in conversation with Guru. He will guide us deeper into the practices of the week. It’s a chance to wrap up the week together to also clarify our understanding of the teachings, share experiences, and ask questions related to the topics featured.

  • [3pm] Healing Circle (Wednesday):  Our weekly healing circle resumes it’s place on Wednesday. A beautiful program steeped in healing practices and a guided meditation with Guru. These practices are timelesss in tapping into our inner vitality and that infinite Source.

  • Daily Ashram Discipline:  Our ashram programs will be live streamed on our media channels for all to join in this daily sādhana.  We begin the day with the sacred chanting of Sri Guru Gita, morning meditation practice, mind-body exercises, midday meditation practice and Shiva Mahimnah Stotram to wrap up the day.

The morning interactive workshops and Friday conversations are accessible only for registered participants with the rest of retreat programs being made freely accessible to all.

The complete schedule is (click here to download for printing):

Free Access

All programs noted in the schedule above are freely accessible (except one tagged as Registration Access) will be streamed through our usual channels: Facebook, YouTube and Zoom.

For the Free Access Zoom link please email our team at <info@blue-star.org>

These programs are open to all and are made possible through generous donations from seekers like you. To lend your support, donations can be made using the button below.

Who Can Register for Workshops?

This year’s retreat is about really steeping in the practices we have been learning. As such, those who have been joining the online courses Secrets to True Wellbeing and Live a Purpose-Driven Life are best prepared to participate and can continue directly to registration below (either one of the courses suffices).

For those who have not participated in the online courses but are dedicated spiritual seekers who have been exploring Blue Star teachings, please fill out the application form and short questionnaire by clicking the button below. Please note registration is required to participate in the interactive workshops and Friday conversations.

Donations (Dakshina)

Dakshina is the Sanskrit term and spiritual practice of providing a monetary donation to honour the gift that spiritual teachers selflessly give of their wisdom and time. In giving Dakshina, we have something to offer our guide in return for the invaluable gifts they are giving us through their timeless teachings. Dakshina is a spiritual practice that we embrace at Blue Star, and it is based on those generous donations that the work of our organization remains sustainable.

Both packages below come with a suggested donation, and each registration page will give you one option for a discounted donation. We understand that in the current economic climate, not everyone has the financial means to donate fully. If you cannot afford the suggested, or the discounted donation, please contact us through the form on the registration page, and we can discuss payment options or accommodations that can be made so you can participate.


We have three packages you can choose from. Those who have participated in either one of the online courses this year can directly proceed to registration below. Those who applied using the application above need to wait for confirmation and granting of access before they can open the registration pages below.

Once you are on the registration page there will be options to register while paying TT$ cash at our office, or payment online.

Note that if you decide to register for package 1 or 2 now, it is possible to upgrade to another package later from your account and donate the difference. You can still use a 50 USD off coupon on the remaining amount, but not the 100 USD off coupon anymore.