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This year’s Forty Days retreat was extraordinary, with a focus on daily practices and uncovering the joy of sādhana. One might say it was a great success, described by many as the best retreat yet!

A wealth of study-worthy material was captured during this retreat and is now available in beautifully curated packages. Taking the time to study these timeless teachings encourages us to go deeper into the realization of all wisdom that it contains. The energy of these sessions is just as powerful in recording as live, and allows for strong awakenings whenever you watch or listen to them.

All materials are the original works of Sri Vasudeva and are owned and copyrighted by Sri Vasudeva as part of the Blue Star organization. They may not by copied, reproduced, or distributed in any way, in whole or in part, without the express prior written approval from Blue Star’s authorized personnel. Any unauthorized use of the materials is strictly prohibited.

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