Project Description

If you cannot pay on our website yourself, you have the following two options:

  • Ask a friend to pay for you online (please note you need to ask someone for this yourself).
  • Pay cash at our Trinidad office.

Please answer the questions below to apply for this. If you need a discount, please apply for the discount separately.

Please only use custom payments when really necessary as we need to manually process these requests.


    2. Which package would you like to register for?

    3. If you chose the option of a friend, please give us their name (note that you need to ask this person yourself):

    The website prices are:
    Live Access Package: Between 150 USD and 200 USD
    Live Access & Study Guide Package: Between 225 USD and 275 USD
    Live Access & Downloads Package: Between 399 USD and 499 USD
    The T&T cash prices are:
    Live Access Package: between 1050 TTD and 1400 TTD
    Live Access & Study Guide Package: Between 1550 USD and 1850 USD
    Live Access & Downloads Package: between 2750 TTD and 3350 TTD

    If you need more discount, please apply for this separately (click here).

    4. Will you apply also for an extra discount?

    Click below to submit your message. If below the Submit button a green notice appears that says "Thank you for your message. It has been sent", we will have received your application, and contact you within the next few days to tell you how to proceed and give you a link that you can send to your friend to pay if you chose that option!

    If no such notice appears, scroll back up to see if you have missed answering any required questions (notices will be shown in red).