Registration for the 40 Days 2021 program (morning workshops and afternoon sessions only, the rest is free access to all) is possible for:

Serious and dedicated spiritual seekers who are experienced in the Blue Star teachings.

Please fill out the form below so we will be able to select those who fulfil this requirement. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you have taken part in either one of our 2021 online courses (Secrets to True Wellbeing or Live a Purpose-Driven Life) you do not need to fill out this application form but can register directly: leave this form and go back to our 40 Days page to continue.

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    Dakshina is the Sanskrit term and spiritual practice of providing a monetary donation to honour the gift that spiritual teachers selflessly give us with their wisdom and time. In giving Dakshina, we have something to offer our guide in return for the invaluable gifts they are giving us in their teachings. Dakshina is a spiritual practice that we embrace at Blue Star, and it is based on those generous donations that our organization is sustained.

    5. Are you able to donate the suggested amount (200 USD for Live Access Package, or 275 USD for Live Access & Study Guide Package, or 499 USD for the Live Access & Downloads Package) or the directly available reduced amount (150 USD for Live Access Package, or 225 USD for Live Access & Study Guide Package, or 399 USD for the Live Access & Downloads Package)?

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