Project Description

From March 25th to May 4th we honour once again our yearly 40 Days Observance. We invite you to join us! On this page you can find all the information you need to participate. Click the buttons below to read the the full invitation to this year’s retreat or to sign up for our Blue Star newsletter, or continue reading below for more details on how to take part in this amazing transformative challenge!


This Year’s Format

The main highlight of these year’s 40 Days will be the morning workshops. Every weekday a morning workshop will take place from 10.30 AM to 12.00 PM followed by our noon meditation until 12.30 PM. Unlike last year these workshops will not be facilitated by Sri Vasudeva, but by a group of amazing facilitators. Since early September, Sri Vasudeva has been meeting with this team for an intense training program, so these workshops are going to be our best yet! Sri Vasudeva will also be there in the workshops as needed, physically or virtually via Zoom (more information about Zoom below), to support the facilitators in their quest to create the most powerful transformative workshops for everyone!

During the rest of the day we are following most of our regular ashram discipline and there will be ample opportunities for undergoing one of our wonderful wellness treatments. The 40 Days is divided into 6 weeks and each week will have its own topic. The daily time schedule and the weekly and daily topics can be found by clicking the button below. Saturdays and Sundays will not have workshops but time for self-study and wellness treatments. On Sundays we will also have a weekly Healing Circle at 6 PM.


How to Join!

Once again this year, you can join our morning workshops either physically or virtually via the amazing Zoom software. Below you see the options explained! We are currently fully booked for overseas guests, so if you have not yet booked a stay, then virtual participation is the way to go! We may have a few rooms left for single nights here and there so if you are interested in those, please contact us.

Your generous donations and contributions for the options below help us to offset the costs of running these programs, the upkeep of our facilities and continuing the growth of this work in Blue Star.

If you are joining us in person and are not staying overnight at the ashram, please arrive at our Lotus Learning Centre between 10 AM and 10.15 AM on the workshop day for continuing your registration.

Please be seated by 10.20 AM both in person and virtually, so we can start promptly at 10.30 AM!

Rest of the Day

If you are staying at the ashram, the rest of the day will be filled with our regular daily discipline (see schedule) and you will have the opportunity to undergo wellness treatments (at a donation), see below.

If you are living or staying in Trinidad and joining us for the morning workshop, you can also stay for an entire day or part of it. Please contact our office to register for this. We ask for a donation for meals and use of facilities.

Wellness Café

This year our Wellness Café will be providing all the meals during the retreat! Our team caters beautifully balanced, freshly made vegetarian meals. The buddha bowls have been a great hit! Drop in to the café to see what new creations are available. We especially recommend staying for lunch after a morning workshop. Lunch donations will be $50 TTD per day (only for day visit guests, lunch is already included for overnight stays). Meals need to be booked in advance, so contact us.

Wellness Treatments

You will have the opportunity during the afternoons and throughout the weekends to experience the healing power of our Wellness centre treatments. We offer many different modalities of energy work ranging from yoga therapy, reflexology, Reiki, to health coaching, massage therapies, specialty Ayurvedic treatments and much more (click here for more information). Stay tuned for some special offers that will be available during the Forty Days Retreat.