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From March 25th to May 4th we honour once again our yearly 40 Days Observance. Sri Vasudeva’s first experience of an energy field enveloping a space took place at the Shree Gurudev Ashram in Ganeshpuri, India in 1975. His Master’s blessing sparked his journey that ultimately led to his Forty Days of 1978; an amazing forty-days of transformative experiences that dramatically and ultimately shifted his consciousness and life. A journey that began at only twenty-one years of age with a deep and sincere yearning for self-knowledge, brought to him all the elements to support this transformation right here in the space of this Ashram.

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When Guruji started to honour the Forty Days period by recreating it with disciples and seekers he felt the same energy of the original period enveloping the space and all those who participated. For over 20 years he has been honouring this special period of sādhanā or spiritual discipline. Each year the space of the Forty Days is undoubtedly incredible for each of us on this path. The entire Ashram is enveloped and held in a powerful energy field extraordinarily heightened during this time. This is always a most magical experience of guidance and support by the Evolutionary Energy known as Kundālini working through the Masters of Light. It has brought magical transformation in so many lives and so he continues to observe this period for true seekers.

This will be our 22nd year of observing this period with Guru. The theme for this retreat will be “Be a Conscious Co-Creator with the Universe”. We know that in the deepest part of our being there is a sacred Presence of an Evolutionary Energy that becomes our Inner Guide. These Forty Days are about attuning to that energy and learning to be a co-creator in the best way, all while resting in the wisdom of its presence. The focus of this year’s retreat will be on tapping into our individual power and learning in a very practical way, how to align to the sacred power of the Universe within and without. We become truly empowered and carried when we align to the Universe as a co-creator.

We invite you to join us in person at the ashram to take up this Forty Days challenge. It can be the most profound and impactful commitment you make in the coming year! It is a chance to be in a sacred space with the best company of fellow seekers to launch ourselves to the next step. Everything is designed to facilitate this challenge and a specially created environment is being prepared for you. All that is required from you is the commitment, the self-discipline and the openness to allow your true Self to shine.

This Year’s Format

This upcoming retreat will be particularly unique as Guru will be engaging a team of Blue Star presenters to support self-transformation at every level. Since early September, Sri Vasudeva has been meeting with this team for an intense training program, so these workshops are going to be our best yet! And because there is so much support in the program this year, Sri Vasudeva can be even more focused on holding the energy field of this space and guiding everyone here to make the biggest transformation leap that they can!

For those who are eager to participate, there are two possibilities for you to join:

  • You can sign up for our Day Package which includes the workshop and lunch (registration opens in January)
  • You can book for our overnight stays at the ashram and join in all the activities throughout the day.

There are no plans for live video streaming during this retreat, so being physically present at the ashram will be very beneficial if you would like get the full blessings of this sacred period! A quick note that, Sri Vasudeva has decided in 2020 there will be no formal Europe tour with retreats, so perhaps this year is an opportunity for you to visit Trinidad! So especially for those who are abroad and will need to make arrangements early for travel, we are including some important details below [LINK] to help you plan your visit and book flights.

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The workshops by the facilitators will take place from Monday to Thursday of each week. Sacred Conversations with Sri Vasudeva will be on Friday of each week. We are in full preparations to create the ideal retreat space for you! Your generous donations and contributions help us to offset the costs of running these programs, upkeep of our facilities and continue the growth of this work in Blue Star.

Workshops: $150 TTD per session

Sacred Conversations: Open to all

For those who wish to book ahead for 15 or more workshops, you can opt in to our discount of 10% early bird valid until Jan 21st.

The themes and dates for each weeek will be as follows:

Overnight Stays

Our accommodation donations range from $400 TTD (Trinidad & Tobago Dollar) to $700 TTD per person per day depending on your selected room type. The daily rate includes your stay and all meals, the workshop fee is not included.

Detailed information on accommodations can be found on our web site, by clicking here. For those wishing to stay for more than 7 days at a time during this retreat, you can also opt in to discounts available to you. If you are unsure of the exact cost of your visit, feel free to contact us and we will help you with the details. We have limited rooms available and they book up very early during this busy time, we strongly suggest you book as soon as possible! Please make sure to contact us to check for room availability before you book any flights.

For your convenience you can find a table below with some examples of donations for several room types and duration of stay (for more options, click here):

Example Calculations for 40 Days Accommodation 

Please use a currency converter like to convert TTD to your local currency. Click here for some other extra costs that you could expect during your stay.

Wellness Café

This year our Wellness Café will be providing all the meals during the retreat! Our team caters beautifully balanced, freshly made vegetarian lunches. The buddha bowls have been a great hit! Drop in to the café to see what new creations are available. Lunch donations will be $50 TTD per day (only for day package people, lunch is already included for overnight stays).

Wellness Treatments

You will have the opportunity during the afternoons and throughout the weekends to experience the healing power of our Wellness centre treatments. We offer many different modalities of energy work ranging from yoga therapy, reflexology, Reiki, to health coaching, massage therapies, specialty Ayurvedic treatments and much more (click here for more information). Stay tuned for some special offers that will be available during the Forty Days Retreat.

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