From August 9th to 12th we will stream all the morning workshops of the Weekend of Wellness Retreat (click here for more information on the program). We will stream through our regular Facebook and Livestream channels (click here to access) and if you cannot follow the streaming live, you can also re-watch the programs online until August 14th. During the live streaming you will be able to ask questions using the chat functions of Livestream and/or Facebook.

This is a special gift for you!  We appreciate your dedication to wellness and are grateful for your ongoing support to the centre here. To give an offering to help offset our expenses, you are welcome to make a donation below. Please note that this will not allow you to download or save any audio or video.

August is full of wonderful events and activities here at the centre!  We are always thrilled to have the global membership in attendance!  Sincere thanks for your presence and generosity!