You do not need to give your power away to some God that you think is outside that you need to bargain with, to pray to so that you may get a handout everyday. The God you are seeking is not in a picture, a book or in some heaven somewhere. That God is right inside of you. That God needs you to open your heart and mind to its presence within you, that it may manifest its power in and through you. That God wants to empower you from within. The focus is on the God within. Just look for the ultimate guide within you. And we call her a She: Kundalini. These are the topics we talk about on day 5!

Purchase this video (mp4) download of Day 8 of our 40 Days 2019. This product contains 1 morning meditation mp3 file (25 min), 1 morning talk mp4 file (11 min) and 2 morning workshop mp4 files (108 min together). Please note that the meditation is an audio file, but the rest are video files!

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