We are in a period of forty days of discipline. How do we make the best of it? How do we approach it? Sometimes discipline can be daunting when we think of forty days of doing the same thing and holding the same awareness, wanting to tame the mind and tap into that energy. When we try to change the way we are, change mental and emotional patterns, change our karmic saṁskāras or memories within us it is not so easy. What can make discipline attractive to us? What can motivate us to be disciplined? Discipline should be a joy. It should not be stressful. Where does the secret lie? These are the topics we talk about on Day 4!

Purchase this video (mp4) download of Day 4 of our 40 Days 2019. This product contains 1 morning meditation mp3 file (23 min), 1 morning talk mp4 file (4 min) and 2 morning workshop mp4 files (115 min together). Please note that the meditation is an audio file, but the rest are video files!

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