Purchase this audio (mp3) download of a variety of silent meditation files. All of them start with Guruji saying: “Now we begin our meditation practice. Let’s embrace the silence.” Then there is 15, 20 or 30 minutes of silence and the meditation ends with the sound of a singing bowl as recorded in our meditation hall at the ashram. You will also receive 2 variations with a soft background music (track Infinite Peace of the Invocation CD). All files end with an additional 5 minutes of silence in case you do want to stay in meditation that little bit longer even after the gong!

If you purchase this file, you will receive 5 mp3 files:

  • Silent Meditation 15 mins with soft background music
  • Silent Meditation 15 mins
  • Silent Meditation 20 mins with soft background music
  • Silent Meditation 20 mins
  • Silent Meditation 30 mins with soft background music

Below you can listen to a sample of the versions without music and with music.

We ask you to please download the file to your device after purchasing if you are able to (meaning that you can also play it without internet), because streaming the file repeatedly leads to extra costs for us. Also, the downloads will not remain online indefinitely. 

Sample without music:

Sample with soft background music: