Individual Files on Request

If you would like to buy any file of the 40 Days 2020 individually, for example talks, meditations, conversations highlights, healing circle meditations etc., and they are not yet listed on our web store (check here),  then contact us so we can put them online for you! Scroll down to the description below to see all the titles of all the days.

Make sure to get a confirmation from us about your selection & price before you proceed to filling in the amount below and purchasing this product.




An overview of all day titles:

Day 1 – An Infinitely Intelligent and Conscious Universe in Play
Day 2 – Understanding the Ego as Player in the Game of Life
Day 3 – Developing the Art of Witnessing
Day 4 – Witnessing Beyond the Ego
Day 5 – The Ego in Waking & Dream States
Day 6 – Possibilities for Evolution of the Ego`
Day 7 – Healing Circle Day
Day 8 – Illusory Power Experience of the Ego
Day 9 – Uncover the Secret of the Play
Day 10 – Uncover Your Essence Beyond the Ego
Day 11 – Surrendering the Ego to the Beyond Space
Day 12 – Ego in the Experience of the Doer
Day 13 – The Ego in the Karmic Play
Day 15 – Witness Consciousness Unveiled
Day 16 – Growing with Grace
Day 17 – Practice of Witness Consciousness and Grace
Day 18 – Resurrection of the Immortal “I” Consciousness
Day 19 – Mahāyoga: The Yoga of Grace
Day 20 – The Path of Energy
Day 21 – Healing Circle Day
Day 22 – Self Disguises as Ego for Play
Day 23 – A Journey of Changing Self-Identities
Day 24 – Kuṇḍalinī as Nourisher
Day 25 – Invitation to the Centre of Subtle Energy Being
Day 26 – Conscious Co-Creativity with The Divine
Day 27 – Take Responsibility for Liberating Ego
Day 28 – Healing Circle Day
Day 29 – Guru Principle Unveiled
Day 30 – Break Free of the Karmic Cycle
Day 31 – Stages of Kuṇḍalinī Awakening
Day 32 – Using Strengths to Delve Deeper into the Freedom Space
Day 33 – Karma sets the Life Stage
Day 34 – Wisdom in Action
Day 35 – Healing Circle Day
Day 36 – True Wellbeing Begins with the Subtle Body
Day 37 – Be Fit and Vital for the Journey
Day 38 – Subtle Body Meditation Practice
Day 39 – Holding Subtle and Gross Body in Wellbeing
Day 40 – It Begins and Ends with Us


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