In day 38, 39 and 40 Sri Vasudeva took us into a number of different pranayama and energy practices. These are included in the morning meditation videos of these days, but if you want to repeatedly practice these along with the videos, you might find it convenient to have them on your device as separate fragments!

Therefore, we have created 7 videos for you. These videos have slightly less explanation than the original ones, to facilitate repeated practice. The videos (mp4 files) included in the set are (length included in brackets):

  • Day 38 – Chakra awareness through meditative breathing (11m16)
  • Day 38 – Rootlock (1m35)
  • Day 39 – Coming back after meditation (5m33)
  • Day 39 – Bhastrika breath (3m16)
  • Day 39 – Kapalbhati breath at different chakras (4m08)
  • Day 39 – Wu-Chi practice (14m00)
  • Day 40 – Full Pranayama Series (12m44)

The total length of these fragments is 52m35.

We ask you to please download the file to your device after purchasing if you are able to (meaning that you can also play it without internet), because streaming the file repeatedly leads to extra costs for us.