How interested are you in going to your centre of being? If things around you are more important, how are you going to get away from the noise of the mind?  How are you going to treat with that mental play that is continuously there, the flow of thoughts in your restless mind? How do you get the mind to be still? And most important how does the embodied soul become free? These are the topics we explore on Day 7!

Purchase this audio (mp3) download of Day 7 of our 40 Days 2019. This product contains 1 morning meditation mp3 file (22 min), 1 morning talk mp3 file (7 min) and 1 morning workshop mp3 file (101 min).

We ask you to please download the file to your device after purchasing if you are able to (meaning that you can play it without internet), because streaming the file repeatedly leads to extra costs for us.