The 40 Days Retreat in 2008 had the topic “The Guiding Principle of the Universe” and in this precious retreat Sri Vasudeva talked about how the Guru is a principle in the Universe that can take us from darkness to light and from ignorance to true understanding. Every day he used one verse from the Guru Gita that we chant at the ashram every morning to explain another facet of this fascinating knowledge!

This audio collection is contains mp3 files of all the morning meditations and morning talks (80 files in total) that were given every day during this period after the morning chant of the Guru Gita. After purchasing you will get the download links to 4 zip files containing these 80 mp3 files. The total file size is 858 Mb and the total playing length is 21 hours and 4 minutes.

We ask you to please download the files to your computer or device after purchasing, because we occasionally clean up our storage so this product may disappear from our web store in the future.