Blue Star is a non-profit organization that is funded through generous donations. Sri Vasudeva’s holistic and integrated approach to daily living teaches us how to live optimally at all levels of being. We work to continue to build a light network of like-minded souls who wish to co-create a better world through our own self-transformation.

  • Thank you for your ongoing support. Every contribution helps us to continue to share the teachings of Sri Vasudeva through the work of Blue Star. Please do note that we also have an option for monthly recurring donation. Click here for more information. You may update or cancel at any time. Enter your (one-time) donation amount below and click Add to Cart!
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  • Our Audio Visual (AV) Department is devoted to bringing all the programs to you all over the world by means of live streaming and media downloads. We are continuously looking to upgrade our equipment so we can enhance the experience for people visiting our centre as well as those being connected from all over the world. If you would like to support this effort specifically, we encourage you to donate to our AV Department by choosing your amount below and proceeding to the payment page. This donation feature is also suitable for those whom we made a custom AV order for. In this case, please contact us first for your custom order and then after receiving your order, donate here and specify in the comments what order you have done, for our administration! Thank you everyone for your generous support and we are looking forward to staying connected with you through modern technology!
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  • We are so grateful for your generous donations, as they help us to continue to do critical work in our Vrindavan Eco Village Project. We have ongoing expenses relating to road access, maintaining and developing the lands and productive trees, harvesting and processing fruits, cocoa and honey, for all of which we need high quality reliable equipment. Your support is always welcomed and appreciated, so if you would like, you can make a general donation for Vrindavan Eco Village by filling in your chosen amount below.    
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  • If you would like to support the work of Blue Star in general by donating a little bit each month, without having to think about manual payments, then sign up for donating a monthly amount! Recurring donations take place via our site's memberships functionality and can be cancelled, upgraded or downgraded at any time. Click the button below to proceed!


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