Visitors are warmly welcomed in our 3-story guesthouse, which offers double rooms, single rooms as well as suites.  Tucked into the northern corner of the property it overlooks the new temple area and offers everyone a comfortable stay in our sacred space. You may book your stay through our contact page:

Accommodation Bookings

Reservations for overnight stays can be made by calling our office at +1-868-659-0440 or by contacting us through email. Reservations for overnight stays need to be made 1 month in advance (though contact us if you would like to arrive within 1 month, so we can discuss the possibilities).

If you are coming from overseas, please check with us whether accommodation is available before you book your flights. Click here for some advice on flight booking.

The table below shows our room donations. The daily donation (in Trinidad & Tobago Dollars) is per person and per day and includes:

  • Room (see types below)
  • Three meals a day
  • Basic internet
  • Participation in all our regular activities (special workshops and retreats may require an additional donation)
Single Room (With A/C) 550
Shared Double Room (No A/C) 400
Family Apartment Single Occupancy (With A/C) 700
Family Apartment with AC – Double Occupancy (With A/C) 600
Family Apartment with AC – Triple Occupancy (With A/C) 450

Please note that no animals/pets are allowed in the rooms.

We serve three meals a day, included in the daily donation. Meals are balanced and strictly vegetarian. Contact us if you have any dietary needs. Depending on our current staff availability we may be able to accommodate your requests at an additional cost.

Contact us for information on what payment methods we can accept. Feel free to contact us as well to calculate the total amount for your intended stay!

Possible Extra Donations During Your Stay

There are some extra donations next to accommodation, see below. For some we mention that we prefer cash donations in Trinidad & Tobago dollars. Depending on your arrival time you could ask your driver from the airport to take you to an ATM, or you can ask someone to take you to an ATM while you are here. There are some ATM’s at the airport but they are known to often not work. Make sure when you have a foreign card, that its permission is set for payments in Central America.

Room Key Deposit: We ask you to make a deposit of 300 TTD when we give you your room key (or you can pay for this while paying for accommodation). This amount will be given back when your key is returned and your room is found back in original condition.

Airport Transport: There is an additional cost for transport to and from the airport (two-way) which is 600 TTD per person. Contact us for more information on arranging this.

Retreats/Workshops: We ask for a donation for all non-recurring retreats/workshops given at the Ashram, which is in addition to your accommodation donation. One can currently expect donations around 100 TTD to 200 TTD per morning or afternoon workshop, though higher donations could be asked for very specialized workshops.

Health Food Store / Gift Shop / Wellness Cafe: At the ashram we have a small health food store where you can buy drinks, spring water, snacks, toothpaste, laundry detergent and much more. We also have a gift shop where you can purchase books, CD’s and DVD’s, clothing, jewelry, religious items and more. In our Wellness Cafe you can buy snacks and light meals after Healing Circles and Satsangs and special breakfasts on Sundays. We prefer cash donations in Trinidad dollars in these shops and the cafe.

Wellness Treatments: We offer many different wellness treatments in our Wellness centre, ranging from reflexology and Reiki to health consulations, coaching, Swedish massage, Thai yoga massage, all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments and more. Donations are generally between 200 TTD to 550 TTD per session. For some occasions we also offer mini-treatments at reduced donations. Our Wellness centre prefers cash donations in Trinidad & Tobago dollars.

Suggested Packing List

Essential Packing Items

One (1) recent passport size picture of yourself for office records.

Visa (only for certain countries, click here for more information).

Re-usable water bottle(s). We have a filter system at our dining hall where you can refill your bottles. You can also buy bottles of spring water at our Amrit shop.

Alarm clock or device, there are no early morning wake up calls.

Regular clothes (see our Dress Code)

Seva clothes: please bring enough sets of clothes suitable for seva depending on your abilities/desires, for example clothes for painting, cleaning (with bleach), gardening, etc.. Note that clothes get dirty quickly in this climate and during seva especially.


American electric plug adapter (if travelling from Europe). Please note that we have 110 Volt in Trinidad, and most heating devices (hair dryers, travel kettles) from Europe do not work on 110 Volt even with an adapter (you would need a transformer).

Your personal chargers

Slippers (be aware that we have steep roads at the ashram that can be slightly muddy and slippery when raining).

Optional Packing Items

Mosquito repellent: for example one containing 20-40% DEET especially if you desire to visit Tapovan, or one containing citriodiol (lemon eucalyptus) which is the best working natural one. In our Amrit store we sell citronella creams and Odomos cream (10% N,N – Diehtyl Benzamide).

Umbrella (a foldable one is convenient, especially in rainy season, which officially is from June to November, but we can have periods of rain outside of the rainy season as well)

Tapovan clothes if you desire visiting our land in Brasso in central Trinidad:

    • sturdy long pants (for ex. jeans),
    • a long-sleeve shirt or blouse,
    • a hat or cap,
    • strong waterproof hiking shoes (we do have some boots that you can borrow but are limited in number and sizes), and
    • gloves,

all of which are allowed to become dirty.

Garden gloves

 Hat or cap

 Sunscreen high SPF


Key cord for room key

Meditation cushion (very simple cushions provided in hall)

Ear plugs

Laundry detergent (we do have powder detergent available to buy in our Amrit store)

Small bag to carry your personal items around

Not necessary or allowed to bring

Yoga mat: available at our Yoga Deck

Towels and bed linens: provided in rooms

Fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish & dairy, and also honey are not allowed into the country)