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40 Days 2017 Donations

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Dear fellow seekers,

This retreat is offered every year in love and honour of the Masters, who light up the path to self-transformation for each of us.  We are grateful for their guidance and the inner gifts that come during this time.  The efforts of many come together in service to bring this retreat to you, wherever in the world you may be.  It’s a joy of co-creation and you are certainly part of that process.  Your financial support is an integral part of making this happen! 

This year, Guruji is offering so much more!  Full 2-hour workshops, plus a weekly practice session that allow a true integrated study of the messages, the chance to engage in question and answer directly with him, seek feedback where you are unsure and really immerse yourself in the joy of sadhana, spiritual practice. 

To lend your financial support, we have created several options to donate, depending on what’s most feasible for you!  Every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated. 

We are suggesting a minimum donation of $150 USD to help cover the costs of streaming plus all the technical setup needed for these programs.  Donating this amount will give you access to join the live weekday workshops and Saturday sacred conversations or watch the recording afterwards.  The recording will stay online until the next live program begins and then it will be taken down. If you wish to (re)watch a workshop more than 1 day later, you can purchase the recordings here.

To contribute for the retreat program, we suggest a minimum donation of another $150 USD, leading to a total recommended donation of $300 USD.  The value of these teachings are immeasurable, as is the grace of giving.

You may choose your desired donation below.  If you are not able to afford the minimum donation, you may contact us to discuss the possibilities.  Sincere thanks for your token of gratitude and ongoing support.


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Donation Total: $300