40 Days 2017 Donations

$16,824 of $15,000 raised

The 40 Days 2017, “Lifting Maya’s Veil – a guide to Self-Transformation” with Sri Vasudeva, is a unique opportunity to explore yourself in a powerful 40-day observance. This is a sacred and effectual period at our Blue Star center and also for those who participate with us globally each year.

We are very happy to offer you, like previous years, all of our daily programs for free on our Livestream channel, and subsequently on the Livestream Library for a limited time. This year we additionally provide ad-free and full mobile compatible streaming and even simultaneous streaming through Facebook Live. Also, we aim to offer our materials for purchase as online downloads as well as CD and DVD packages for reasonable prices, for those of you who love to use the materials for your personal practices throughout the year, benefiting continuously from the grace of this period.

To provide all of this and inspire so many around the world, we require more income to cover all costs than we are making from just the sales. It is easy to overlook the amount of costs involved, as they consist of many small and large items. Some examples are:

  • fees for Livestream channel and Facebook live software,

  • costs for website themes, plugins and hosting,

  • costs for data storage, transfer and backups,

  • costs for using, maintaining and upgrading the audiovisual equipment,

  • costs for facility upkeep and decor,

  • and last but not least the costs for being able to afford to keep a large full time staff here that is working continously to provide you timely with all services and needed assistance that we know you appreciate so much!

Our target for donations for this year’s 40 Days is a minimum of US $15000, which we hope to achieve during the period. We know how many of you value being able to take part in this powerful and extensive retreat from wherever you are, so we invite you to all come together to continue making this happen. No matter whether you can contribute in a small or larger way, we are sincerely grateful for all of your support! We will keep you informed as to the amount collected as donations come in.

We wish you an amazing forty-day period of Divine Grace and may all your wishes be realized!

To donate, select an amount below and fill in your information. For more information on making payments on our website through creditcard and PayPal, please click the button below. Please note, PayPal payments are collected on our behalf through the Blue Star Canada account.

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