Live a Purpose-Driven Life

This course teaches us how to live every day with a purpose. It is perfect for the start of a new year, though the lessons of course apply to all seasons. This course consists of 14 lessons and each lesson will feature:

  • audio files (downloadable mp3’s) of an inspirational talk and a meditation of Sri Vasudeva
  • full transcript of the talk (downloadable pdf)
  • contemplation highlights for your study
  • hints for meditation
  • practice incentives
  • access to a dedicated and protected (course member access only) forum page for sharing your experiences and questions with each other.

If you have not yet registered: watch a course demonstration video here and a video tutorial about the registration process here. Click here to register.

The first lesson in this course will be released on Saturday January 2nd, 2021 and the next ones will be released several times a week (release dates in curriculum) with an intended end date around mid February. They can be followed at your own daily time schedule. You can also start the course after the official start date, and follow the course at your own timeline (as long as it is not faster than the release schedule).

The downloadable files can be saved to your devices to be kept forever. Course access is guaranteed until at least the end of 2022.

The content of this course is created under intense guidance of Sri Vasudeva, based on materials recorded in January 2020.

Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson 1: Seeking and Finding Life Purpose (release on Jan 2)