Day 19 (40 Days 2024)

Isn’t it awesome when you can experience your multidimensionality? Doesn’t it make you more aware of the areas that you give little attention to? Does your meditation show you areas that you can improve? And is meditation just for sitting, or is it a moment-to-moment awareness of our multidimensionality even as we act? [...]

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Day 18 (40 Days 2024)

Today is about the multidimensional experience. All your chakras are not linear, along a line, but they envelop each other. They all are centered in the crown. Your multidimensionality is not so simple. The more energy aware you become, the more you will appreciate the difference between physical awareness and prana awareness that [...]

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Day 17 (40 Days 2024)

Who is the teacher? Vasudeva? No! Kundalini Shakti is the teacher! Guruji is just an instrument of her being, energy, and power because he stays aligned to Divine power in the human experience completely. Your experience today should have shown you how you can nourish your entire being. Not just focus on the [...]

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Day 16 (40 Days 2024)

Today is about the nourishing power of the sacral chakra. It has always been a delight for Guruji, especially after his spiritual awakening (his dramatic Shaktipat experience in India) when he could feel that he and his body are separate. This was a huge energy awakening of the heart and automatic movements started [...]

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Day 15 (40 Days 2024)

Today is about grounding in the root center: the vitality, power, and balance it brings to us. When you come into the root, you can feel the legs and the energy in the legs and feet. You enjoy the relationship with the earth. You enjoy walking bare feet like your feet were meant [...]

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Day 14 (40 Days 2024)

Those who would’ve seen the Avatar film, how they went into this body suit, how they put them in touch with nature in a whole different way, we are built like that! Of course, it is not exactly like the movie, but even better! We enter the body at birth. Hypnotic regression on [...]

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Day 13 (40 Days 2024)

Guruji has been speaking about the stages in evolution through the Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra granthi. We need to grow the desire for more awareness, more energy, more fulfilment. More than anything else, you need the desire to know more, to unleash your full potential! If you walk into a gym or see [...]

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Day 12 (40 Days 2024)

Guruji has been speaking to us about the kriya journey. The most beautiful thing about Kundalini Mahayoga is that Kundalini Shakti does the work for us. She uses a whole Universe to teach us. If you can’t catch it within, She orchestrates it outside. This might be painful, but it is required just [...]

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Day 11 – 40 Days 2024

Yesterday, Guruji spoke about the Shaktipat initiation. Shaktipat is a natural movement of energy when there is a need for it and you come into a high energy field. But when a Master finds you receptive and he looks into your eyes, you can be sure that he is transmitting energy to you [...]

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Day 10 (40 Days 2024)

Guruji has spoken about that we need that shift, that spiritual awakening, into subtle body awareness to be able to be aware of Kundalini’s presence within us, that evolutionary energy within us that is driving the human experience and the Karmic Play. This magical shift can happen in the field of a Master. [...]

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