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Yoga Workshop Series

SUN MAR 18th - Cleanse & Detox Welcome & Centering (60 mins) Pranayama and Āsanas (75 mins) Guided Meditation (10 mins) Lunch Break (45  mins) Talk on Detoxing - Why and How to do it (90 mins) Questions & Answers  Session  (30 mins) Closing SUN [...]

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Valentine’s Tea Party Fundraiser

Our annual fundraising Valentine’s Tea Party was a bigger than usual hit this year.  Many came out for an afternoon of music and festivities; with raffles, games, delicious baked goodies and let’s not forget the famous corn soup that sells out every year.  Our fundraiser was well supported by many.  Some won big in [...]

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Introduction to Aromatherapy

For the first time our Healing & Wellness Centre launched an Introduction to Aromatherapy workshop.  Armed with fragrant bottles of essential oils, Dr. Bhavani brought the secrets of these aromatic blends to life.  She taught many key segments including how the oils are made, their impact on all levels of being, the proper names [...]

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Youth Camps 2017

Our annual youth camps are coming up in just 2 weeks! On July 29th we will start with 4 days of senior youth camp for youths of 15 years and up. This camp is a wonderful and always highly appreciated occasion for youths to imbibe the teaching of Sri Vasudeva and dive into the depths [...]

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40 Days 2017 Memorabilia

Namaskar all, In capturing the wonderful memories of these sacred 40 Days 2017, Blue Star is offering these memorabilia which can serve as a reminder of the teaching received and the gratitude we feel towards Guruji during this sacred 40 Days observance. The following 40 Days 2017 memorabilia (see picture) are now available at Blue Star Centre, [...]

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Treatments in Healing and Wellness Center

Namaskar everyone, are you interested in a treatment in our Healing and Wellness Center? We currently have 4 practitioners offering Swedish & Traditional massages, Reiki, Sphere and Reflexology on a daily basis. You can also make appointments for Detox and Diabetic Counselling with Meera and Full Homeopathic Clinic and Consultations with Bhavani, both of whom are [...]

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Dakshina – Spiritual Practice of Giving

40 Days Dakshina Practice Namaskar all, in the past few days we at the ashram have been contemplating the spiritual practice of dakshina. Dakshina is the tradition that a student who receives instruction, always gives something back in return for the knowledge that the teacher imparts. You know that any true Master gives freely [...]

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Pictures Day 23-27

The excitement of this year’s 40 Days topic, “Lifting Maya’s Veil”, is that it not only inspires us to expand our consciousness to its greatest potential but that it actually establishes a practicable way of doing so, by using what we see right before us. Guruji has laid out a wonderfully detailed step-by-step guide to [...]

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Wellness workshops – April 22nd and 25th

We are very happy to announce that this Saturday (April 22nd) and Tuesday (April 25th) or Wednesday (April 26th) our dear Dr. Padi Bhavani will host two different workshops in our Wellness center. Saturday will be the start of an ongoing series on Women's Health, with the first topic being Hormonal Imbalance. On Tuesday you will [...]

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Pictures Day 18 – 22

Namaskar everyone, As we are at the half of the 40 Day period, we’d like to share the picture gallery from Day 18 till Day 22 with you. These days Guru has been speaking about us being the Divine in a human form. He guided us into the awareness of our subtle body, inviting us [...]

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