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Prabha met Guruji in 2006. She has been intensely involved in Blue Star and Guruji's teachings since then, including several years of living at the ashram.

Day 30 (40 Days 2024)

Yesterday we dealt with the manas chakra. The manas is beautiful for visualizing and that colorful relationship with nature. The more the manas is tapped into, the more connected you feel to the elements of nature and the more you enjoy the sensory system that we have and the more power you feel [...]

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Day 29 (40 Days 2024)

Today we speak about the beauty and the power of the brow chakra in manas mode, in external mode. We tend to think of the material world as the detractor, but no, it is a beautiful world, as illusionary as it is. It is a colorful maya that we can learn how to [...]

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Day 28 (40 Days 2024)

This week we journey through the mental plane, a tremendously exciting one because that is where your true potency of power lies. First, it is the center of self-identity. Our self-identity or self-awareness comes from the mind. Nowhere else! We have in Sanskrit what is called ahamkara. It means the “I”-maker. We make [...]

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Day 27 (40 Days 2024)

Guruji has enjoyed speaking to us about the heart center because it is the center of his existence. It is why he does what he does, in service to humanity. Today, he speaks of love as a liberator, as the way to freedom. Love can liberate you of the prison of carnality (the [...]

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Day 26 (40 Days 2024)

Today, we focus on recharging our brain and plexuses, our nervous system. Why? This is important for proper body functioning. You have a system of 72000 nadis. They are on the right side and the left side, mirrored. These nadis are distributed from the chakras to every part of your body: every organ, [...]

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Day 25 (40 Days 2024)

The heart is really a very exciting space. If we were to stay there on a more constant basis, our entire life will thrive. Relationships and wellbeing will be better, and our joy and happiness will be more. But this is a challenge for a lot of us. We are challenged by emotions [...]

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Day 24 (40 Days 2024)

Today, we speak about the power of the heart for healing. The mind has tremendous healing power, it is like a wish fulfilling tree. Anything you think about can come to pass if you think about it strongly. If you strongly imagine wellbeing, then you make it a possibility. But few of us [...]

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Day 23 (40 Days 2024)

We are on the journey through the heart. Life is evolutionary, so we are moving from lower to higher consciousness, from darkness, ignorance to more light, awareness, wisdom, and love. Don’t expect when Shaktipat comes, that all will be fine. Then the challenge begins. As long as you desire to evolve, life will [...]

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Day 22 (40 Days 2024)

It is important to understand that the mind is the most important part of you. It is what can govern all other levels. But it needs to be expansive, you need to see more. Are you aware, from that place of seeing, of your emotions in every moment? And what your emotions are [...]

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Day 21 (40 Days 2024)

How marvelously designed our human body is, integrated so fully with our subtle body, our immortal body. There are nadis to every cell, every plexus, and through the brain. You can channel prana to every part of your being. You have that power! But you need to manage the mind for that channeling [...]

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