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Prabha met Guruji in 2006. She has been intensely involved in Blue Star and Guruji's teachings since then, including several years of living at the ashram.

Day 40 (40 Days 2024)

In 1978, that final experience would have happened in the morning of May 5th, so still considered the night of the 40th day, around 2 am in the morning or so. Then that liberating experience came from the hold of energy bondage, because Guruji had a strong energy block in his head, and [...]

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Day 39 (40 Days 2024)

Today the subject is: Only She exists! Only Kundalini Shakti exists. Only the Divine exists. See no other, but Her! In everyone, in every experience, it’s only Her. She alone exists. It is She who is acting through everyone. Our minds may judge good and evil, but these are only relative in the [...]

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Day 38 (40 Days 2024)

First, Guruji wants to share some more details about his final experience of freedom that he spoke about yesterday. He was held in this energy posture of Guru bhava, immersed in the energy of the Guru. His awareness was Baba Muktananda’s energy, and he felt completely in oneness with it because of Kundalini [...]

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Day 37 (40 Days 2024)

Today we focus on Kundalini Shakti and the Guru Principle. When you are in the upper area, it is important to understand Guru tattva. Kundalini Shakti is the Guru. She has created the Play and She acts in and through the Guru Principle. All true Masters who have transcended duality are full instruments [...]

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Day 36 (40 Days 2024)

Guruji has been trying to get us to experience the field and not just be caught in local consciousness. Not the consciousness of the form but to move into the formless experience of the field. To observe the ego on its journey. In the mental space, in the transcendental space, we can begin [...]

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Day 35 (40 Days 2024)

This is the last week of the 40 Days and we are dealing with the final leg of the journey, beyond the Rudra granthi (Rudra is the destruction of the thoughts, of all the conditioned patterns, the dismantling of all these ego patterns). There is a space within us that is beyond the [...]

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Day 34 (40 Days 2024)

In the holy book of the Hindus, the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna (the warrior) approaches Lord Krishna with the question: “Lord, the mind is restless like the wind, difficult to control. How can I control this restless mind?” Because he couldn’t, as he was disturbed by the experience of the war. Krishna said: “Yes, [...]

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Day 33 (40 Days 2024)

Today we explore our relationship with Kundalini Shakti. She makes yoga come alive. Can you imagine yoga without Kundalini Shakti? You can observe the difference when She appears in the space. She turns yoga into Mahayoga, the magical yoga where all yogas come alive (hatha, raja, jnana, laya, mantra yoga). She is driving [...]

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Day 32 (40 Days 2024)

Yesterday, Guruji spoke about the journey along the bindu path. We have the manas path and the bindu path, both from the brow. The brow gives us a split: we can focus on the external world or the internal one and the latter is the bindu path. Here we begin to feel a [...]

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Day 31 (40 Days 2024)

We have been speaking about the intellect and how important that instrument of buddhi is in the space. It is an antahkarana, an inner instrument of the soul. You have three inner instruments: the ego, the buddhi, and the manas. The ego, the “I”-maker is at the center of the play. The intellect [...]

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