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Youth Camps 2017

Our annual youth camps are coming up in just 2 weeks! On July 29th we will start with 4 days of senior youth camp for youths of 15 years and up. This camp is a wonderful and always highly appreciated occasion for youths to imbibe the teaching of Sri Vasudeva and dive into the depths [...]

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40 Days 2017 Memorabilia

Namaskar all, In capturing the wonderful memories of these sacred 40 Days 2017, Blue Star is offering these memorabilia which can serve as a reminder of the teaching received and the gratitude we feel towards Guruji during this sacred 40 Days observance. The following 40 Days 2017 memorabilia (see picture) are now available at Blue Star Centre, [...]

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Dakshina – Spiritual Practice of Giving

40 Days Dakshina Practice Namaskar all, in the past few days we at the ashram have been contemplating the spiritual practice of dakshina. Dakshina is the tradition that a student who receives instruction, always gives something back in return for the knowledge that the teacher imparts. You know that any true Master gives freely [...]

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40 Days Reflections by Uma

The 2017 40 Days Observance as experienced by Uma With our 40 Days coming up, many of our (international) Blue Star members have started to prepare for this sacred period. One of our members, Uma from Canada, has been diligently writing on a spiritual community forum about her experiences during the 40 Days for the [...]

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Canadian retreat with Sri Vasudeva: May 19-21

From May 19 to 21 Blue Star Canada is hosting a retreat with Sri Vasudeva with the topic "Experience your Limitless Self." In this retreat you will learn how to be conscious at every level of your being: physical, mental and emotional, and how to develop greater intuitive knowledge in your every day life: A Blue Star retreat [...]

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Orange and Cocoa Harvesting

Our first trip to Tapovan Brasso for 2017 Fresh on the heels of a powerful and joyous New Year’s Eve Satsang, an enthusiastic group of 10 devotees set off as the sun rose on Monday 2nd January, for a morning picking oranges and cocoa in Tapovan. Whilst we always work with whatever resources we have, [...]

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