40 Days 2019

March 26th – May 4th

A warm welcome to our annual 40 Days 2019 retreat!

Meditation is a phenomenal practice for me. It’s unparalleled because it deals with transforming your consciousness and preparing you not only for a new day but for (daily) life. We begin the day but we are (often) not really fully prepared for it as we do not prepare our consciousness for it.” – Sri Vasudeva

The practice of meditation is the one Universal practice that can transform our consciousness, it can help us to know more and more of who we really are and it can take us to optimal well being. Here, we shift our consciousness into reprogramming of the mental field, changing the karmas. Meditation can help us to change the karmas, transcend life’s fluctuations and ultimately can free ourselves. If you are really a serious seeker then you will want to be part of this tremendous period.

We invite you to join in this retreat! On this page you can find all the information on how to join and also how to keep the materials with you after the 40 Days have finished!


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How to Join the 40 Days?

Joining our program in person at the ashram:   

Joining virtually through the Internet:

This year our online streaming of the morning workshops is through a virtual interactive portal (Zoom) that allows each participant to be visible (if they want), join the conversation, and share seamlessly in the retreat workshops. We ask you to make a (minimum) donation and this will allow you access to our platform Zoom and will allow you to view the streaming of the morning workshops of weekdays and the conversations of Saturdays either live or by watching the recording afterwards. The recording of a workshop will stay online until the next workshop starts and then it will be taken down. If you wish to (re)watch a workshop more than 1 day later, you can purchase the downloads here . Please follow the steps below to join our live streaming.

Get your Downloads

If you would like to watch the video or listen to the audio of our morning workshops and Saturday conversations more than one day after taking place, or would just like to keep these precious gems of knowledge for eternity, you can purchase downloads (audio/mp3 and video/mp4) by clicking on the Selection & Purchasing button below. We offer download packages (weekly or entire 40 Days) and individual downloads. Once you have purchased your downloads, you can access them by the relevant button below (packages go through a membership page and individual downloads through our web store and your account page).


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Individual Downloads

Livestream Schedule

On the right you will find the daily schedule (AST timezone) for all of the 40 Days programs that are streamed live, either closed or open. Click on the buttons below for our full daily schedule and for the links to watch the open streaming on either Livestream or Facebook Live.

Satsangs will take place on:

  • Monday March 25th (Opening Satsang)

  • Sunday May 5th (Closing Satsang)

Closed Streaming (Zoom)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Morning Workshop

Open Streaming (Livestream/Facebook)

Monday-Saturday 5:30 am – 7:00 am Guru Gita and Morning Meditation
Sundays 6:00 am – 7:45 am Guru Gita and Morning Meditation
Wednesdays 6:00 pm -8:30 pm Healing Circle and Shiva Mahimnah Stotram

Weekly Topics

March 26 – March 31

Each week of this retreat offers an integral key on your inner journey.  How you use these keys are up to you!

For many of us, this retreat is an annual event that holds a sacred place in our hearts.  Guruji, Sri Vasudeva walks us through his own key practices and guidelines on how to yield the most out of these forty days as well as how it can change your life!  He offers suggestions on how best to set up our lifestyle and environment during the retreat.  For the ready and receptive seeker, this could be your next leap in consciousness.

April 1 – April 7

The consciousness space is vast, like a canvas on which all of existence is expressed.  It is infinite and full of all possibilities.

Meditation offers an avenue to tap into the pure consciousness of the Universe.  During this week, Guruji, Sri Vasudeva helps us to get familiar with Conscious Being.  He teaches us how to recognize the consciousness space, its power and its instruments, how to shift the boundaries of limitations and tap into its infinite store of energy.

April 8 – April 14

Emotions play a powerful role in our daily lives and can sweep us up in their powerful surge of energy, be it a positive expansive feeling or a terribly painful one.  It can certainly be challenging to find stability during emotionally turbulent experiences.  Guruji helps us to navigate the emotional landscape and develop emotional intelligence.  He takes us through a deeper understanding of how emotional energies play in our consciousness.

April 15 – April 21

We all reside in a physical body; it’s the vehicle that takes us through this human experience.  Week 3 of our Forty Days Retreat touches on our physical well-being and the power-vault that rests at the core of our body.  We learn how to tap into our core energies and how to sustain our vital well-being.  The core is the storage hub of our vitality and houses what is known as our ‘gut brain’.  This is the key to achieving balance in our physical being.

April 22 – April 28

Disconnection with our body can leave us feeling depleted and creates disturbances in our field.

A key part of our physical being is learning how to ground and sustain our well-being.  During this week, Guruji highlights the importance of truly appreciating our physical existence.  He shares how we can achieve a harmonious relationship with nature and our environment, which directly contributes to our own optimal well-being.

April 29 – May 4

Meditation is not meant to be an isolating activity of shutting ourselves away from the world.  Guruji shares with us the secrets to developing meditation awareness in daily life.  He shows us how meditation is actually the most important preparation for a day of being out in the world.

In this final week of our retreat, Guruji takes us through the ability of being energy-aware throughout our day.  This is the key to effectively manage stress, live in harmony with all of life and to meet every challenge from a space of higher consciousness.  Ultimately, it paves the way to joyous living.

Background Info

Sri Vasudeva shares his personal experiences of his own unique and magical journey on this path of self-transformation.  He guides the seeker to discover and recognise one’s own natural path of spiritual awakening and unfolding through each lesson of disciplined spiritual practice.

Over the years, Sri Vasudeva has guided thousands of seekers through many Forty Days retreats covering subjects such as Energy Awareness & Mastery, The Guru Principle, Co-Creating a New World, Secrets to True Well-Being, Uncover Your Infinite Self, Making the Shift, Self Mastery, Self Mastery: The Practice.

This year, he reveals the inner workings of his own meditation practice to personal freedom.  He guides the truly dedicated seekers through the realms of meditation and reveals all that it holds for self-transformation, enlightenment and optimal well being.