4o Days 2017 – The Invitation

Every spring, Sri Vasudeva of Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago hosts a unique international retreat affording those who join an unparalleled opportunity; it is an invitation to transform and rejuvenate ourselves on every level of being—from the depths of our spiritual being. The effect of each day is cumulative, as we are enveloped in the same transformative energies that lifted Sri Vasudeva to a state of complete inner peace and freedom in 1978. Join us in a global network of change, along a path of balance, mastery, unity and grace.

Lifting Maya’s Veil

40 Days of Self-Transformation

March 25 to May 5, 2017

The Forty Days as a Hallmark in Blue Star

For over 15 years during the Forty Days Observance, Sri Vasudeva guided thousands of people around the world through the ancient, mystical science of Maha Yoga and taught how to use this auspicious period and space as a powerful tool in self-transformation. This unique retreat experience in collective dynamics co-creates progressive change, synergistically building up the purity and intensity of an already sacred space. Every year lends to profound spiritual experiences and deep insights into who we truly are, promoting the acceleration of one’s spiritual growth. The transmission of spiritual energy is not limited to a physical location, so these can occur wherever you are on the planet.

The Benefits of Enhanced Spiritual Discipline

Since 2002, the Forty Days Observance has been a period of accentuated spiritual discipline for Blue Star members and friends, whether we participate at the Ashram or virtually. The Forty Days experience is also an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of one’s own spiritual practice and experience transformation on all levels of being, such as breakthroughs in consciousness expansion. This continues to grow long after the retreat has ended. In the presence of the Master, one’s light is lit, and that light has the potential to become a fire, burning away karmic blocks to true happiness and fulfillment.

Mystical Significance of the Forty Days

Christians, Jews, Hindus and others throughout the world honour this Spring Equinox period as one of the most sacred. These traditions also incorporate the mystery and magic of the number forty. The forty days of Lent leading to Easter; the forty years of wandering in the wilderness commemorated during Passover; and the forty days of the Holi festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil—all deal with purification, tests of self-discipline and faith, patience and virtues that lead to successfully crossing over into a new and rapturous dimension of experience. This characterizes what the Forty Days is all about in taking limited ego into an expanded state so that its Higher Self can manifest through all the dimensions. Sri Vasudeva did not know that his final experience in self-transformation was going to last forty days nor that it would come during this auspicious time.

The Opportunity this Period Offers

 There is an actual need for the practices of the Forty Days as we experience rapid changes and challenges in this new period in our universal cycle of spiritual evolution that astrologers refer to as “Ascending Dwapara Yuga.” Sri Vasudeva teaches that it is the ebbing away of darkness during this stage of global evolution that actually works in our favour as seekers of spiritual development:

“At this time, challenged souls continue to inhabit the planet giving many opportunities for soul cleansing from dark karmas manifesting in the Play. The knowledge of chakras helps us to centre in soul power that we may generate light through sattvic and rajasic energies to meet with and prevail upon darkness. These times, though they are challenging, present many opportunities for growth. Hence, like-minded souls need to come together (sanghas) to support and nourish each other making the forces of light stronger. This is the opportunity in this yuga.” [1]

The Forty Days Observance creates such a gathering in spirit (sangha). The Play is the play of illusion (Maya) that veils our perception and experience of Truth at each chakra or energy centre. These are just some of the amazing secrets to be unveiled throughout this year’s retreat. Click on the button below to go to our 40 Days page.

[1].  Sri Vasudeva, Dec. 14, 2016