In 1978, that final experience would have happened in the morning of May 5th, so still considered the night of the 40th day, around 2 am in the morning or so. Then that liberating experience came from the hold of energy bondage, because Guruji had a strong energy block in his head, and in that time all he could feel was the energy between his heart and brow, which was holding him in a stressful place that he wanted to break free from.

He knew he couldn’t do this on his own, but he had to wait for Her. Before, he had seen a tower clock knowing this meant to wait for Her. She did this magnificently on the 39th and 40th day by challenging him to really assert his power in Her. And then you can’t imagine how free he felt! Normally he would have one glass of milk in the morning, but he asked for another one as his stomach was released. And in that other plane, he heard it being announced what was happening to him, and he then knew what this gift was for. She said what would happen to him and what his life was about.

After this experience, he felt so free, he didn’t need to stay secluded anymore. He met with everyone again. When he was walking down the stairway and looked at the plants, he saw life out of the ground. He didn’t see just a plant, he saw life! That was so revealing to him that plant life was life. And when he would bathe his body completely for the first time, he felt as though his skin wasn’t him, his hand wasn’t him. The energy of the lower area had gone straight to the navel and stayed there, and the experience of the body became different. He had to push himself into the body again, but he didn’t realize that until months later. When he did, that got him back into the workplace and the university, while being in the world but not of it.

His appreciation of the field became different. When he started to talk to people, he felt their energy fields intensely and he would know how they were responding without them telling him. He could feel inside of them. He was so different even though others saw him as the same. He became tremendously centered in energies. When he got back to teaching, it was not the same. Before it was just manas power, but now he was acting from the crown. He became sensitive to the energy of the classroom, the noise of the kids (physically and also the noise from their inner spaces), and he didn’t enjoy it so much anymore. His body was too sensitive. He taught for another year but then left it.

But the important thing is the field. He had a great appreciation for the field. In the 40 Days of this year, he made the field important. That is the non-local part of him in operation.

From the early years he was always thinking about nature. That is part of his mission. And he started healing meditations way back and was looking for places of nature in the country without success, until finally in one of the 40 Days a place appeared in the center of the country, and with grace he got the funds to purchase it. He now has 52 acres of nature property. It used to be a cocoa estate (Trinidad cocoa is one of the best in the world), and he was in awe of the property. And it is in the heart of the country, so he couldn’t wish for more. He has been working on that ever since. It was first called Tapovan (a place to do tapas) but he was having such fun in there that it became Vrindavan, a place for healing. This is Guruji’s next focus after these 40 Days. On his website, you’ll begin to see the information.

Those of you who have been generously donating over the years, Guruji wants to thank you. It is Guruji’s dream in Her, so you are making his dream come true. His life is dedicated now to nourishing the physical body completely. He cannot do that without nature because the body is completely a part of nature. If he wants this body to be pure, he must live in natural surroundings that are pure. The water, the earth, the energy, the air, the space, it has to be pure! He cannot do that fully in Claxton Bay because this place is small and centered in community, but he can do it in Vrindavan. He is looking forward to all the volunteers that are coming to help with this process. June will be dedicated to that. Guruji wants it to be a healing space where he can work in harmony with nature.

So added to Guruji’s experience with the field is his connection with animal life and plant life and nature. Because he can feel the energy of all spaces, if he is in a city like New York and he looks at plant life, he sees struggle. Plants are affected by our energies! If our energies are out of balance, stressfully so, the plants will also suffer. But if we change our energies, they thrive.

This applies to the body cells too! You need to show loving appreciation to them and nourish them well. The more wholesome you eat the better, or your cells suffer! If you don’t have the cellular connection in the consciousness, you will not know what is happening. The doctors will need to tell you about the issues. But if you are conscious of the cellular level, you will know beforehand what to do.

Driving the prana to every part of his body, neglecting no cells, is important to Guruji and he wants to guide us to do the same. He drives energy to every cell, every organ, into the bones, using every chakra for that.

How can we live in lack of awareness of the physical level? With awakened chakras of the root, sacral, and gut, we can influence the metabolic fire in the body. We can turn the apara ojas into prana and tejas. We have the ability to use the para ojas of the heart to nourish every area. If you don’t do that, that’s opportunity lost! Your body won’t thrive!

And if you get the manas right, you will sleep better. And if manas is connected to every center below, you will know exactly what to eat. Your body will tell you. We are all uniquely programmed based on ancestry and genetic nature. And we can reprogram the neural pathways with a change in behavior and a deep understanding of what we are doing. This is a whole other field of learning. This is where Guruji’s passion is. Not just teaching about enlightenment but teaching to thrive at every level.

And he focusses on nature, so we can help nature to restore. That is why the Vrindavan project is an eco-project, staying with plants, animals, and nature in balance. That is where Guruji wants to live. If we can energize such an area in nature, my goodness, it will be quite a field to experience!

There is only one consciousness that pervades all of life and we should keep it in balance with all of life. One consciousness, one world! That is where Guruji is headed. The Hindus have a beautiful saying, vasudhaiva kutumbakam: the whole world is one family. It is bringing back the qualities of the Satya Yuga even when held in the darkness of Dwapara Yuga. In small communities, we can bring the Satya consciousness. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of that? This is where Guruji is headed. Healing is part of his mission and destiny!

He always loved the yogis who energized their entire being, like Yoganandaji. After Shaktipat, he was able to get to the depth of those practices. And other yogis along the way saw the power of prana and of the quantum field and today more and more we are learning about this. And we are learning about the human genome and the 98% of the DNA that we don’t know about yet. That will give us the possibility to live without food. And we have the upper brain capacity to understand how to transform the yugas into Satya Yuga. We just need to use it, and not just use the reptilian and limbic brain. We need to let the neocortex shine.

One consciousness, one world. Let’s unite! Let’s create the social consciousness of oneness! Let’s coexist harmoniously with all of life!


  • Plants and nature are life! Nature is part of Guruji’s mission. The body is completely a part of nature, and for the body to become completely pure, nature is the best place to live. The Vrindavan project will become a healing space.
  • If plants are in an environment that is stressful, they struggle. They are affected by our energies. If we change our energies, they thrive!
  • This applies to our body cells too! We need to show them loving appreciation and we need to nourish them well with wholesome foods. We need to have that cellular connection in the consciousness, so that we can tell what is happening to our cells. Then we will know exactly what to eat and do.
  • We need to use our chakras and our manas power to drive prana to every part of our body: to all the cells, all the organs, and the bones. We have the power to influence the metabolic fire in the body, we can turn the apara ojas into prana and tejas, and we can use the para ojas of the heart to nourish every area.
  • By changing our behavior and by deep understanding we can reprogram the neural pathways in our body. We need to let our neocortex shine and bring the Satya Yuga consciousness into the darker Dwapara Yuga that we live in.
  • There is only one consciousness that pervades all of life and we should keep it in balance with all of life. One consciousness, one world! We need to create the social consciousness of oneness and coexist harmoniously with all of life!

Thank you for being with me during these 40 Days and reading these notes and summaries!


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