Today we focus on Kundalini Shakti and the Guru Principle. When you are in the upper area, it is important to understand Guru tattva. Kundalini Shakti is the Guru. She has created the Play and She acts in and through the Guru Principle. All true Masters who have transcended duality are full instruments of Kundalini Shakti. If you are fully aware, you don’t see a person but Kundalini Shakti. That’s how Guruji perceived Muktananda. Muktananda was a pure channel of Kundalini Shakti and that blew Guruji’s mind and became his aspiration.

And he left India after 4 months, without physically meeting Muktananda, because She became the guide in him. She filled his heart completely and taught him how to open up the heart more and more through action. She came in his actions when he opened his heart to Her. And it only became stable when Guruji started to experience manas power.

This manas power is still centered in duality. When we feel the power of the elements, the senses, and the thoughts, we have to be very careful. The ego may still have tamasic and rajasic traits of ego. When you can feel the Guru power in the ajna chakra (ajna means to command) but are still in the duality, it can become quite a journey. We become self-righteous, we become Gurus but without the transcendence. We need the transcendence to make us the perfect channel of Guru Shakti.

We need humility to go above the ego self-righteousness. The ego in its experience of power needs to become humble through the misery that comes of taking charge of the manas, related to assuming doership when we are not the doer. She is! The moment we begin to realize that we need to be humble, that is when we come to the bindu.

The bindu is the point where all the light of the Universe emerged. It is the point of unification, where duality turns into unity. We need this bindu point. It is a little higher than the manas area. When you begin to become humble and go deeper in your prayer to want to experience beyond the manas, that is when the bindu begins to appear. Not before! That is where the purity of the Guru Principle will begin to appear. You, together with this Guru power, can go up the next step of the Brahma nadi to fullness, to open up in the crown.

That is where we need to identify with the energy of the transcendent Master. We need to unite with that Guru. That is called Guru bhava, when we get into the consciousness of the Guru and we begin to feel that Kundalini is associated with that power. In the 40 Days, Kundalini took Guruji through that consciousness of Guru bhava. Because Guruji was humble, She protected him from being intolerant and harsh.

Guru could only stay with one thought: “I am the Guru”, in total humility. He started to feel this awesome power in his being but he held it in Muktananda because he had the greatest devotion for him. Because in Kundalini Shakti, he could feel that power. When he stayed in that awareness of Muktananda, his whole being became rigid, and he just focused on going as far as possible up the bindu channel, to break this barrier completely, and in doing that and persevering, finally, the head opened up.

When it did, he didn’t need to say “I am the Guru, I am Muktananda.” All that came out was “I am”. That has never left him. There is no one to become, nothing to become. Just the “I am”-field. That is the field of pure being. His consciousness pervades the field since 1978. He is in field consciousness, not human consciousness.

And at the same time, the energy pulled from the root to his sacral and it was held there. There is no attachment to the world anymore. The only power he has is from sacral to the crown; he is freed from the earth plane and earth consciousness. That is possible for you! That is the journey. This journey inside is a sacred journey and we need to go from manas  to bindu and from bindu to the crown.

But you don’t need to go there in one lifetime. Guruji never cared about going there, he wanted to be free. Stay where you are and do the sadhana, and She will lift you in Her own time and Her own way. Every part of the journey is sweet, joyful. Guruji was protected from the ego because his heart was fully open. He never wanted to wield secular power. His whole life was of humility and service and that protected him in the upper part. When Kundalini started to wreak havoc in the head area, breaking that knot, taking him deeper and deeper, Guruji trusted Her. There was no question that whatever She commanded him to do, he would do.

Your journey is unique, and you need to enjoy every step. The more you seek, the more you will find. We need the three steps to wisdom from the Upanishads: (1) listening (shravan), (2) contemplation (manan): using the intellect and processing until you feel that you have it, that you resonate with the deeper part of your soul, believe it with your whole being, and (3) nididhyasan, where you hold it in your being until you realize it. You don’t get there by listening, but you need to contemplate and truly understand. That is why Guruji has us in conversations, that we can truly discuss the relevant things that he is saying to us and focus on the practices. We need proper manan, and then stay in the practice until we experience it.

So really understanding the Guru Principle is important! Even Patanjali alluded to the Guru Principle. In one of the Sutras (37), he said vita raga vishayam va chittam: contemplate on someone who has risen above the duality (the desire or passion, rag, for objects, visha), by doing that you will rise to the state beyond duality. And in Guru Gita (verse 76), you hear Dhyāna-mūlaṁ guror mūrti. This doesn’t mean the physical form but his energetic presence. That is the root of your focus: the energy, the Kundalini Shakti in the Guru. Pūjā-mūlaṁ guroḥ padam: not the physical feet but what he stands on, the values, that is worshipable. Mantra-mūlaṁ guror vākyaṁ: whatever the Guru says from that state of purity is a mantra that has the power to protect and liberate. Mokṣa-mūlaṁ guroḥ kṛpā: the root of freedom is the grace of Kundalini Shakti!

When you see the Guru only as the energetic power of Kundalini, then you have the right vision. When you see a person, no! Guruji saw an energy channel straight to the Divine in Muktananda and he never lost that vision. That’s how he could leave India. He knew Muktananda was the one to take him to the infinite and that he was always with him. That is the power of the Guru. And when you begin to experience the Guru Principle, you will see the whole Universe as Guru. The Guru is speaking through everyone, operating through a whole Universe. It operates through the Master in transcendence and through the Universe. Guruji sees the Guru everywhere!


  • On the upper journey, it is important to understand Guru tattva, the Guru Principle. Kundalini Shakti is the Guru, and all true Masters are full instruments and perfect channels of Kundalini Shakti. If we are fully aware, we don’t see the Master as a person but as Kundalini Shakti. It should be our aspiration to become like this.
  • When we begin to feel the power from the manas, we need to be careful because our ego may still have rajasic and tamasic traits and become self-righteous. We need humility! If we are not yet humble, we will become humble through the misery of assuming doership.
  • The manas is still in duality. The bindu is the point where duality turns into unity. When we become humble and pray to want to experience beyond the manas, the bindu begins to appear and the Guru Principle will guide us the next step through the Brahmi nadi to full opening of the crown.
  • On this part of the journey, we need to identify with the energetic presence of the transcendent Master. This is called Guru bhava. We need to get into the consciousness of the Guru and feel that Kundalini is associated with that power. We need to do this in total humility.
  • We should not focus on the final goal as we don’t need to go there in one lifetime. Each journey is unique, and we need to enjoy every step. She will guide us in the perfect time and way.
  • We need the three steps to wisdom to fully understand the Guru Principle: listening (shravan), contemplation (manan) until we deeply understand it and believe it with our whole being, and nididhyasan where we realize it in our being.
  • When we begin to experience the Guru Principle, we will see the whole Universe as the Guru.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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