Guruji has been trying to get us to experience the field and not just be caught in local consciousness. Not the consciousness of the form but to move into the formless experience of the field. To observe the ego on its journey. In the mental space, in the transcendental space, we can begin to observe the ego. Witnessing is the most important thing on this part of the journey of transcending the mind. In duality, it is difficult to manage the mind. You need transcendence! Not being caught up in the gunas but moving that step beyond. The Sadguru lives beyond the gunas. We live there too but are sleeping in that dimension in ignorance. We have the power of non-duality as well, non-local consciousness, omnipresence, but we don’t own it.

Today is focused on the ego’s multidimensional journey through existence. It is a multidimensional journey, and we need to look at the ego’s experience of the consciousness states. In yoga we are told that there are four states of consciousness (they didn’t make this up; this is an experience!). To really master the four states of consciousness, you need to come into the witness. To come out of the illusion, you need to witness the illusion and you need the Guru’s grace. You need to ride the wave of the Guru and wake up to transcendental consciousness.

The ego is experiencing an amazing illusionary journey that we think is real. The greatest illusion is that we think all of this is real! All of this energy existence that is continuously changing, we hold it as real. We see reality in this phenomenon. Do you realize that you are experiencing a changing reality continuously? Where is your youth? Why didn’t you keep it? Who can avoid death in the body? You live as though you live forever, and you nourish the body as though it is your goal. The body is getting more decrepit, but you are thinking the body is the goal. No, it isn’t!

The Buddha’s father was told that this little prince can desert the kingdom and become a saint. The father feared that the son would not live up to the inheritance and the tradition, so he tried to avoid that the child would see aging, death, and disease because then it would react and move away. That is exactly what happened, despite the father trying to avoid it as he couldn’t hide this forever.

When the prince saw the deteriorating nature of life, he was shocked to the extent that he couldn’t get it out of his mind. He became so obsessed with thinking about suffering in humanity that he deserted his wife and child and ran away, searching for the meaning of suffering and seeking to find the end of suffering. He tried everything in the book, looked for teachers, did everything, until he became very deteriorated in the body due to his fasting and detachment from the world. Then when he was sitting under the Bodhi tree and he gave up, at that point, he woke up to the truth. That is what Buddha means, the awakened one. He saw that suffering is due to our desire for the worldly things. That led to his four noble truths and the eightfold path to come out of suffering.

How many of us see suffering every day? When Guruji discovered he couldn’t control his mind, that was the worst thing for him. Everything he didn’t want to think about would come into his mind. He lost it and didn’t know what to do. He started looking for teachers but found no answers. Then he read about the need for the impulse from a true Master who lives in this consciousness, and Guruji was determined to find such a person! The moment he could leave and go to India, he did, with the thought of never coming back. As destiny would have it, he found what he was looking for. That intense experience of not being able to control his mind led him on the search.

So if we can only see the illusionary nature of existence! There are four states of consciousness that describe the ego’s journey through the illusion. One is the waking state. This illusion of the waking state is called asat in the prayer from the Upanishads. Asato ma sadgamaya means lead me from this unreal world to the reality of my consciousness, take away the ignorance from inside of me. Tamaso jyotir gamaya, let me experience the light.  And mrityor ma, take away the idea of suffering and death consciousness, and lead me to immortal consciousness, amritam gamaya. People say this all the time like a rhyme, not a prayer.

This waking state (called jagrat) is a longer dream. Once we are in a physical body, we are in the waking state, but if we hold this as a reality, we will live a life of misery, caught in a phenomenal existence, not real. Relationships change, body changes, there’s aging and death, but you still hold on to the body! You don’t wake up to think, is this my reality? What is the greater reality to life? You hold on to that which is moving away from you. Houses, civilizations, all deteriorate. Can you see the illusion of the waking state? You need to come into that witnessing of seeing the illusion! If we come into the Rudra granthi, we come into that place of seeing the illusion.

Then there’s the state of the subtle body, the dream state (called svapna). This state comes into the sleep which we do every night. There we have dreams, and in the dreams, we may think they are real. When we leave the body, that is the space we go to, another dream state, where our mind creates more illusion. If you don’t try to remove the illusions from the mind, then all those fears and those mental patterns come alive in that space. If we clear the consciousness in the waking state by witnessing the illusion of the waking state, then in the dream state, we can also still witness the illusion. That happened to Guruji in the 40 Days, waking and dreaming were the same. The sadhana in the waking state continued in the dream state. The states became integrated through the witness.

Then there is the deep sleep state (called sushupti). There you go into darkness where the body gets complete rest. If you have a more peaceful dream state experience, then you will go into deep sleep without any disturbance. That is total rest. The senses are completely shut down.

Why do we wake up from deep sleep? The karmas are stored there, in the causal body. All these karmas from all these existences are stored there. When you begin the process of witnessing the whole transitory existence in the waking state and it goes into the dream state, and you go deep into the deep sleep state with the waking state kind of investigation, it will begin to bring up the patterns from the causal body from the past. You tap more into the causal body when you do the sadhana in the waking and dream state, and the more you get into the causal body, seeing the patterns that you didn’t know you have, the more will be brought up to clean the causal body.

And then you can get into the fourth state called turiya. This is beyond the gunas. You’ll get glimpses of that state, and when you can hold it firmly, then you are in the Guru’s state. In the Shiva Sutras, there’s a beautiful verse: Jagratsvapnasushuptabhede turyabhogasambhavah. The rapturous “I” consciousness exists in all three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleeping. Turiya is that rapturous state of the “I” witness that is witnessing all the states. That is the goal. That is how the ego can journey through the illusion.

That is why Guruji is trying to get us to experience the field, the formless. That is how we can escape the illusion, like the Buddha. The journey through the states of consciousness to final transcendence. You have this! It is your destiny, your future. This transitory existence has no reality. Everything will change.

If you have the power of the fourth state, you can keep the body charged until the end. Yogananda did these energization exercises every day, and for 21 days after he passed, the body was still in good condition. When you infuse the body with prana, that is what you can have. Longevity, youthfulness, youthful consciousness in an aging body. That is where the beauty is! The skin may be wrinkled, but joy penetrates your being. Aging is conquered, death is conquered.


  • We need to experience the field and not be caught in local consciousness. We should move from consciousness of the form into the formless experience of the field. In the transcendental space, we can begin to observe the ego and manage the mind. Witnessing is the most important thing! We can wake up to transcendental consciousness because we live there but are sleeping in ignorance.
  • The greatest illusion is that we think all of this is real! Do you realize that everything that changes is not real? We live as though we live forever, and the body is the goal, but it is not! Like the Buddha, we can wake up to see that suffering is due to our desires for worldly things. We need to see our illusionary existence to really want to come out of this.
  • There are four states of consciousness:
    • In the waking state (jagrat), we need to witness the phenomenal existence, the deterioration around us, the illusionary nature of life.
    • The dream state (svapna) is the state of the subtle body. When our sadhana is strong in the waking state, it continues in the dream state. When we leave the body, this is the state we will be in. If we don’t clean up the illusions from the mind, those fears and mental patterns will still be with us.
    • The deep sleep state (sushupti) is where the body gets complete rest. This is the state of the causal body where all our karmas are stored. These karmas are the reason we wake up, and the more our witnessing sadhana grows in the waking and dream state, the more karmas and patterns will be brought up to the light so that they can be cleaned.
    • This leads to the fourth state (turiya): the state of the rapturous “I” witness, that continues in all the other states. This is the goal.
  • Through experiencing the field, the formless, we can escape the illusion and reach that final transcendence. This is our destiny.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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