Isn’t it awesome when you can experience your multidimensionality? Doesn’t it make you more aware of the areas that you give little attention to? Does your meditation show you areas that you can improve? And is meditation just for sitting, or is it a moment-to-moment awareness of our multidimensionality even as we act?

When the seeker comes into the Shaktipat energy field of those Masters who live in the transcendental space beyond duality (paramgurus or Siddhas), they become awakened in a very natural way to the extent that they did sadhana in past lives. They would have accrued a lot of good karmas (otherwise you would not meet a Master), and you don’t lose what you have done in the past.

If you did no sadhana and come into the field, you don’t experience anything. If you had reached the stage of Brahma granthi in past lives, then the energy wakes up strongly in that area, the practices start to come back, and Kundalini begins to wake up in the lower area. If you had done a lot of devotion in past lives (bhakti yoga), then the heart will wake up in the Shaktipat space. And if you did contemplation, mental sadhana, trying to get into silence and understanding of “Who am I?”, then clarity starts to come. They get back to that space and have the opportunity to get further.

So, everyone is awakened to different levels. Some come and get the blessing of a Master, and never come back, because they were so highly developed that they only needed that touch. Guruji did not need to spend so much time in Ganeshpuri because he could feel the masters so strongly with him then.

We become awakened to the extent we did sadhana in past lives and start from there. So don’t judge yourself and look at the experiences that other peoples have, or Guruji. Take the principles and use them for your own level of awakening. Kundalini will guide you.

Do you see the beauty of the lower area? How important it is to ground in the root and enjoy that experience, and to enjoy the sacral experience. That is not just for procreation; that is only a part for it for the younger years. The sacral chakra is a beautiful chakra that has a tremendous amount of ojas, the subtle essence of the material food. You can get into that area and tap into it, and there’s the nadi from the sacral to the brow that gives the power to transmute energy.

And the navel is awesome! Guruji remembers that when he was working in the industrial world, it was the navel that helped him to be strong and stay in a compromised field and not lose it. It is designed for activity and to activate the strength of the body. The Japanese give so much attention to this area to stabilize the soul in the body. How can you live without it, with poor vitality? The fire power can help you.

And these areas are connected to senses and elements. The three lower areas get you more into touch with nature.

When you get into the root chakra, you will enjoy walking on the earth. How many of you put your feet on the earth directly? You can’t imagine what that does to the body! The feet become alive, like putting a fish back into water. We have our feet on mats and rugs but if we walk on bare concrete or earth or grass, there’s a better relationship. How many of you energize your feet when you walk? When you lose that awareness and you are in the head space, thinking about something when walking, how is that? Mindless, neglecting the beautiful contact with the earth.

And the earth field is about smell. Guruji loves to smell everything in the space. Of course, you can learn to not get caught into odors that are not nice, but beautiful odors and sacred scents and flower scents are there.

And what about taste, related to the sacral chakra? When the sacral is out of balance, we are caught in the food world. Love turns into lust, greed. But when you have the sacral operating in sattva, you enjoy every taste of the food. And you enjoy the water element. How many of you love to play in the water? The shower can be a beautiful experience. In the 40 Days, Guruji couldn’t really shower but when he came back into it, it was a whole different experience of him and water and skin awareness. And do you really drink the pure water with joy, consciously? The issue is lust and greed, not the senses, not the food, but our attitude! If you really enjoy the taste from the sattvic space, food is incredible, a joy to eat.

And the navel chakra is the space of agni, fire. (Water is apas, earth is prithvi). When you have a strong manipura, you have strong agni power, power of digestion. Food will digest quickly. When you work the navel nicely, your appetite and digestive power becomes better. When the lower area is in sattva and developed more and more, you will enjoy the fire energy. How many of you really enjoy looking at the sunset and the sunrise? That sets your circadian rhythm. It is an incredible experience of the light. Your body needs the light! It is designed for that. It needs the water and is designed for that! And it needs the contact with the earth and the food of the earth.

The physical body is something that you carry. It is very important that we learn to feel the subtle body within the gross body and to feel that our soul carrries the gross body. It sheds it when the body can no longer support it. We don’t die, we are immortals! We just think that we die. Guruji loves to look at noble people who are leaving. Just one breath and they are gone. Very peaceful. When the body goes through the last labored breathing, the soul is already in a different dimension. If they are pious and noble souls, they have lovely guardians guiding them to another space. You can see how they transition easily.

If we are living in the body and can experience that we carry the body in our field, it is an awesome experience of freedom!


  • Does your meditation make you more aware of your multidimensionality? Does it make you more aware of areas that you give little attention to? And can meditation be a moment-to-moment awareness even as we act?
  • When a seeker comes into the Shaktipat field of a paramguru, a Siddha, they are naturally awakened to where they were in their past lives due to their sadhana and have the opportunity to get further. Everyone is awakened at different levels and we should not compare our experiences to others. Kundalini will guide us!
  • Do we see the beauty of the lower area? These connect us to the elements and the senses:
    • The root chakra connects us to the earth element (prithvi) and the sense of smell. Do you put your feet directly on the earth and enjoy that relationship? Do you energize your feet while you walk? Do you enjoy the scents of the world?
    • The sacral chakra connects us to the water element (apas) and the sense of taste. Do you enjoy how water feels on your body? Do you enjoy drinking the pure water? Do you enjoy the incredible taste of food, without experiencing lust and greed?
    • The navel chakra connects us to the fire element (agni) and the sense of sight. Do you work the navel and have a good appetite and strong digestive power? Do you enjoy the experience of light, such as when looking at the sunset or sunrise?
  • It is very important to learn to feel that the physical body is something that we carry as a soul. It is an awesome experience of freedom when we can live in the body and experience that we carry it in our field!

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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