Today is about the multidimensional experience. All your chakras are not linear, along a line, but they envelop each other. They all are centered in the crown.

Your multidimensionality is not so simple. The more energy aware you become, the more you will appreciate the difference between physical awareness and prana awareness that drives the body (the five pranas in the pranamaya kosha, the chakras connecting to the physical body’s field, the nadis).

When you come to the navel center, you feel a different kind of power there. It is connected to the karmendriyas (senses of action) and the sense of seeing . The element is agni, fire. You will feel vitality in you, and you can recharge the gut plexus here (a huge one!). You become the warrior. When you are aligned to sattva (goodness, nobility, harmony, equilibrium), you become the peaceful warrior, like the kung fu masters. The navel center is also called the hara center, like in the Japanese martial arts. You can become violent with it, but the intention should be sattva, nobility.

When the brahma granthi gets untied, you have the opportunity to build the energy of these lower areas. The sacral can nourish you, the root can ground you, and the navel can fire you up, activate you. Those are three dimensions of existence and experience, also called lokas. The physical world is called bhu loka. The planet is Saturn (rigidity, discipline). The loka connected to the sacral is called bhuvar loka. This is connected to our ancestors. The planet is Jupiter.

The navel chakra is the beginning of the heavenly world and called swar or swarga loka. The fire power can control the lower area. The more you develop the belly area, the more you can transition into the higher worlds and manage the lower worlds. It is a transition zone connecting upper and lower, so that’s why this area is so important. When we practice developing the “iron shirt”, we utilize the navel power. Patanjali, the yoga master, said that connecting to the navel chakra brings a greater connection to the body and the physical world.

When you come to the chest, the heart area, the emotional area, it is a whole different kind of energy: mellow, healing, devotional, the one who adores, loves. You experience loving movements, art, poetry, dance, a charismatic kind of energy, and bhakti (devotional) yoga. (The lower ones lead you into hatha yoga, ha=sun, tha=moon, and the balance in that). The emotional layer of energy is beautiful for healing, nourishing, uniting. This loka is called mahar loka.

When you come to the throat, this is the level of peace, intuition, openness. It can express all the qualities of the lower chakras through it, and it begins to open up the mental field. It is called jana loka. This is where the akash is, the memory store. When we speak, we become intuitive, eloquent. The chakra is called vishuddha chakra (meaning purity). It invites us to become more noble and pure.

The mental chakra is the chakra that can help us to make the journey home. It can help us to master all the lower ones. It is the control chakra. It can lead us to the inner world, the karmic patterns of the past, or it help us be involved in the world. The manas helps us in the world and the bindu guides us to the inner worlds. This is the world of ideas, vision, knowledgeable masters. Here is the jnana yoga, the knowledge. This loka is called tapa loka (tapa means the fire of discipline).

As you move across the bindu, you come at the sahasrara. This is the pure limitless consciousness. You don’t “will” here; you become the instrument here. The ego has to submit. The Divine becomes the power, the doer. In sahasrara awareness, the Divine is doer and the ego rides on the Divine. This loka is called satya loka.

That is the journey of dimensions. You can become privy to all of these dimensions of experience, little by little. As you experience the lower ones more fully in your awareness, the upper ones will become more visible. You can have different levels of awareness in each one of them, and they will all open up eventually. The extent to which they are open depends on how much effort you put towards purifying them. That is why sometimes the heart is open, but we don’t have control, or the throat or the brow is open but no control.

To get control we have to do the sadhana so that more can open up. We have to focus on sattva qualities: focus on peace, love, and harmony to open the chakras more. We have rajas power, the power of action, but we need to stay aligned to sattva, goodness. That is how we grow: keep the intention to develop more sattva: be more noble in the world, more righteous in the world.

It is beautiful because the moment you begin to show noble intention and you go up the chakra world, guides from that world begin to welcome you and guide you. We begin to touch different masters on the inner plane. But the pure Guru is on every plane, whilst being on the earth plane! Muktananda wrote in his biography that he journeyed to the other worlds using the vehicle of a blue star. That is how Guruji knew why his mission is called Blue Star. And when Muktananda was journeying to the highest loka, he saw Nityananda sitting there even though he was still present on the physical plane.

And that is why Christ could have said: “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions, and I go and prepare a place for you.” And: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He meant that the Guru is the way, the truth and the life. Gururupaya: the Guru is the way to the inner worlds!


  • We live in a multidimensional experience where we can experience the distinctly different energies of all the chakras. These places are connected to lokas: different worlds or planes of existence. These are:
    • The bhu loka, connected to the root chakra and the physical world. The root chakra grounds us.
    • The bhuvar loka, connected to the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra can nourish us. This loka is the world of our ancestors.
    • The swarga loka, connected to the navel chakra. This is the beginning of the heavenly worlds. The navel allows us to transition to the higher worlds and manage the lower ones. The navel brings us vitality and recharging power.
    • The mahar loka, connected to the heart chakra. The heart chakra brings a devotional, healing, nourishing, uniting, and loving energy.
    • The jana loka, connected to the throat chakra. The throat chakra brings peace, intuition, and openness, and it begins to open up the mental field. We can express all the qualities of the lower chakras through it, and it invites us to become more pure.
    • The tapa loka, connected to the brow. This chakra can help us make the journey home (the bindu part) and master all the lower ones (the manas part).
    • The satya loka is connected to the crown chakra (sahasrara), the place of pure limitless consciousness. This is a different kind of chakra where we cannot “will” from but where the ego needs to submit and become the instrument. The Divine is the doer.
  • Little by little, we can become privy to all these dimensions. All chakras can be open to various extent, depending on how much effort we put towards purifying them. A chakra can be open but without control. The way to purify them is to do our sadhana and have the intention to develop more sattva in the world: nobility, goodness, peace.
  • In each loka, we are welcomed by guides that are helping us. The true Guru is present on all the planes simultaneously. That is why Guru is the way to the inner worlds (gururupaya).

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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