Who is the teacher? Vasudeva? No! Kundalini Shakti is the teacher! Guruji is just an instrument of her being, energy, and power because he stays aligned to Divine power in the human experience completely.

Your experience today should have shown you how you can nourish your entire being. Not just focus on the heart or mind but bring yourself into multidimensional experience. Do you live the human experience fully and masterfully?

Guruji can reach right down to the physical body and its cells and feel the ojas in the body. And he can feel the superior ojas, para ojas, at the heart chakra, which can bring nourishment into the space, and the ojas of the sacral chakra. This brings back youthfulness. The periphery may age, but Guruji’s inner being is full of vitality and prana.

Today is about the potential of the navel center, the manipura chakra. Manipura means the city of jewels. Ancient cultures give a lot of attention to this center. Japanese call it hara. Even when they are eating, they say hara hachi bu: eat only to 80% (because it takes time for the stomach signals to go to the brain). Yogis say to fill three quarters of the stomach with food and water and leave 1 quarter free for air, movement, prana. And you don’t need to worry about digestion yourself. Your body knows how to digest through the enteric nervous system.

When Guruji did the Siddha yoga teacher training in 1977, one of the guys there said that through the manipura chakra, he does not feel like stopping when he runs. That stayed with Guruji: the power of Kundalini through manipura.

Manipura is the area of the samana prana, the digestive prana. Manipura also nourishes all the abdominal organs (liver, kidney, spleen). How little we really utilize that system! The samurai warriors and kung fu masters use this (lower dantian), yogis would use it, but we give little importance to this ancient wisdom. Guruji likes to master something whenever he learns about it. He likes to practice until he gets it! When it comes to his own being, his passion is even greater!

This gut energy gives him a different kind of intuition. It puts him in touch with the vital world of energy. When he holds a tree or plays with a child, he can feel the energy. He lives in a vital connection with the outer world. He loves the sun, the earth, the wind, the sounds. How can we live without that passion? And not see that we can energize the physical system from the inner space? Every chakra is designed for that! How come you have no interest in developing it fully?

If any door is locked, Guruji wants to open it, especially when it comes to human potential! That got him into every chakra. In every moment, he is aware of his entire body: his cells, his organs, his internal systems (circulatory, respiratory), his brain. He can feel when we overheat the brain. The gut can give us the balance here, breathe into it!

When you are eating, make sure that your gut is charged up. How would your samana be otherwise? Open the gut and breathe!

Guruji does it automatically. We think we have to work today and don’t have time to do the gut, but while we are doing things, we can do it.

And Guruji has learned that when his body is depleted, to not give it food directly. Sometimes he wants to lie down but feels like he is not gaining anything. Then he drinks some water, he sits, and just relaxes the body. And when he feels his body has come back to normalcy, then he can start with eating and enjoy it.

You need to cultivate this awareness of this intelligence of the body and work with it. As you get older, the body gets less forgiving. But you can still nourish it! You can see that Guruji’s vitality now when chanting is as when he was young. He loves using the root, the sacral, the heart. When you play a guitar, you want to use all the strings for creating the melodies. Why can’t you use all chakras? Explore it and see what it does to your physical experience.

And in communication, you can use all the chakras and command the space. Guruji would sit in meetings and hear all the intentions and know when to speak, energetically. That gave him absolute joy in dealing with human relations in an industrial environment. He enjoyed the secular world, and only left it to start the Blue Star, his greater passion. But he runs this as though still in the secular world.

Gut awareness is extraordinary. It puts you in touch with the vital world and it has the power to stabilize you.

And you should not think of chakras in a linear sense. They all are together. The crown holds every chakra in its space. The root is in the crown, the sacral is in the crown, etcetera. In more expanded awareness, you will feel all chakras as one system!


  • Can we get into multidimensional experience where we can nourish our entire being? Can we energize our bodies using the ojas of the sacral chakra or the para ojas of the heart chakra?
  • The navel chakra or manipura chakra (meaning city of jewels) has tremendous power for vitality. It connects us to the physical body and the vital energies of our world.
  • Gut awareness is important when eating. The navel chakra is where our samana prana is, the digestive prana. Ancient wisdom tells us to leave a fifth to a quarter of the stomach empty for movement and prana. And we should never eat when the gut is compromised, but make sure we are hydrated and energized. Breathe into the gut first!
  • Can we have the passion to continuously practice and master whatever we learn related to the physical body and the potential of the human experience, just like Guruji?
  • Can we stay aware of our entire body (cells, organs, internal systems such as circulatory and respiratory systems, brain) continuously? Can we practice gut awareness even when we are in activity?
  • Just like playing a melody on a guitar is better using all the strings, can we use all the chakras all the time? And we should not think of chakras in a linear sense. They are all together. The crown holds every chakra in its space.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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