Today is about the nourishing power of the sacral chakra. It has always been a delight for Guruji, especially after his spiritual awakening (his dramatic Shaktipat experience in India) when he could feel that he and his body are separate. This was a huge energy awakening of the heart and automatic movements started to happen, floating in an energy field. As long as he stayed in loving awareness, this power would guide him. He would delight going into the kirtan hall. He loved Guru Gita and the Sanskrit sounds. He could feel the body as separate to him and would not feel guilty when the sacral would act up. It made him realize it was an acceptable experience.

This physical body is designed for reproduction. The body takes all the nourishment to develop the finest fluids just for reproduction. Nature wraps us up in this energy of mating, which is natural for the human body, especially when you are younger. For some of us in our tamasic intent, we become fierce in the mating, and when we grow in spiritual energy, we become very different. When we get caught in the reproduction center when we are older and don’t need it anymore, we waste the body away when being unnecessarily consumed in sexual activity.

The body is marvelously designed. We have the vajra nadi which allows us to move energy upwards; this is the practice of urdhvareta: upward movement of the reproductive energy. In the 40 Days, Guruji knew he had to learn this practice and he had to transform his own ideas about it and let Kundalini guide him in this. That ended up with a beautiful experience at the end of the 40 Days.

In the 40 Days, he had a very powerful and restless energy in the mind and was very much into the brow and heart. He got into this fierce meditative posture. When he would chant Guru Gita, he was not looking at anyone and had to practice being loving to not become too fierce. The energy just wanted to go to his head continuously. He became intolerant of anything tamasic or rajasic. At the end of the 40 Days when the energy shot up to the head and he was released, the magic happened. The energy also went from the sacral to the navel and it stayed there. Severance from body consciousness was complete and the process of urdhvareta was complete. This is what gives Guruji the Shaktipat power and the power to feel and guide all of us. When he is helping us with this practice, it helps us to invigorate our being and go more to the upward levels.

Patanjali speaks in the yamas about brahmacharya: the control of that sacral energy (chastity, celibacy). You must give attention to that control. In Mahayoga, this happens automatically. She will help you to rise above that and see the experience differently. For Guruji the sacral nourishes him and it helps him in all his physical exercises. In chanting, he is moving energy from the root and the sacral area.

We don’t need to nourish the root and the heart and other chakras all the time. When we fill a chakra up with prana, it will stay with us for a longer time, even a day depending on how you are dispersing energy again in your thoughts, emotions, or actions. If we disperse a lot of energy, then you need recharging more often.

So the sacral chakra is very beautiful when you understand it. Continue to aspire to work with Kundalini. You don’t have to forcibly do anything, but simply follow Her. Align yourself to Her, happily. She took Guruji through the secular world, educated him, gave him all the jobs he wished for, and started the Blue Star. Everything that we have accomplished and will accomplish is through Her. And Guruji holds the awareness that everyone who is with him is sent by Kundalini. The perfect collective experience for this moment! The company of the Divine, Satsang.


  • The sacral chakra has a tremendous nourishing power for the body.
  • We do not need to feel guilty when this area acts up, as the body is designed for reproduction and nature wraps us up in this energy of sexual activity, especially when we are younger. But when we don’t need it for this and are unnecessarily consumed by it or have tamasic intent, we waste the body away.
  • We can use the sacral energy and move it upwards. The vajra nadi runs from the sacral to the brow and the practice of urdhvareta allows us to transmute the reproductive energy and move it upward. This helps to nourish and invigorate our being.
  • It is important to give attention to control of that sacral energy (brahmacharya), but this happens automatically in Mahayoga. She will help us to rise above it and see the experience differently and use this energy for nourishment. You don’t have to forcibly do anything, but just follow Her.
  • We don’t need to continuously nourish each chakra, as when we fill a chakra with prana, that energy will stay with us. It could stay for the entire day, unless you are dispersing a lot of energy through your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Then you may need recharging.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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