Today is about grounding in the root center: the vitality, power, and balance it brings to us. When you come into the root, you can feel the legs and the energy in the legs and feet. You enjoy the relationship with the earth. You enjoy walking bare feet like your feet were meant to walk, without insulation. That is why you enjoy the beach or the water, you are more into the earth consciousness. As you grow in sadhana, don’t lose the earth consciousness. The annamaya kosha (food body) is important!

We souls in the human experience can have the same earth consciousness like an animal, but in sattva, the light. We don’t need to shun any experience of the lower area, even though that is connected to the lower brain or reptilian brain. We need to bring the sattva quality into it. That is what is represented by the animals that the deities of Hinduism have with them: an animal (bird, mouse, bull, tiger) to show that they are one with the animal nature. This is how we should be, riding the animal part of our body.

We may get so caught up in the inner space, that we forget the joy about the lower chakras. You see how Guruji’s voice is when he is so grounded in the earth consciousness. When he is chanting the Sri Krishna with deep joy, he is in his root, and with the energy of the heart, and with the fire power of the gut (vitality, energy) for singing. That is living in earth, water, fire, air consciousness, and moving in space, grounded and firm.

The wu chi masters stand firm and hold the posture because they want to stay in the physical body. When they hold the field, the body is energized by the posture and the prana of the mind and breath.

The other aspect to this is holding the breath in the lower area, kumbhaka. Then you are impregnating the nervous system. We grow stronger nerves, which we need as we grow older.

The root allows us to energize the sacral area and the gut area and the root itself. The yogis practice mulabhanda: lock the energy there, and then it stays with you after the exercise. And the better you do it, the longer it stays with you.

Some people walk in the clouds but not aware of the feet as we walk. How can we live without energizing every part of our being? That is the blessing of Kundalini Mahayoga. That was Guruji passion from a young person, and his life was orchestrated in such a way that he was allowed to experience this,

That is the power of muladhara chakra. Can you be inspired to live more into earth consciousness? If you have this romantic relationship with life itself and nature, you would never destroy nature but live in better harmony. We should not destroy anything like insects but arm ourselves in the right way. We need the ecosystem restored. That is the way of the Blue Star!

Wishing you a beautiful day in earth consciousness. Enjoy the human experience and don’t deny it! You are here only for a time: you enter the body at birth and leave it at some time. Live it fully and for the longest time possible in a healthy way. This is how you do it! This is how you avoid disease and build immunity and live fully in the human experience!


  • Grounding in the root center can bring us vitality, power, and balance. As we grow in sadhana and enjoy the inner space, don’t lose earth consciousness! We should not shun any experience of the lower area but bring the sattva quality into it. When grounded, we can feel the legs and the feet and the energy in them, and we enjoy walking bare feet.
  • When we are grounded in the root chakra, we can energize the root itself and also the sacral and gut area. We can hold the breath in the lower area (kumbhaka) to impregnate the nervous system with energy. We can also practice mulabhanda to lock the energy there. Or we can practice wu chi meditation where we hold the physical body and energize the body through the prana of the mind and breath.
  • The effect of these exercises stays with you after the exercise. The better you do them, the longer it will stay. This is how we avoid disease and build immunity.
  • When we live in earth consciousness, we can have this romantic relationship with life and nature. Then we will live in balance and do not want to destroy anything. We need the ecosystems restored, and to live our lives fully and in the healthiest possible ways.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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