Those who would’ve seen the Avatar film, how they went into this body suit, how they put them in touch with nature in a whole different way, we are built like that! Of course, it is not exactly like the movie, but even better!

We enter the body at birth. Hypnotic regression on life before life reveals that we enter the body during the birthing process, when coming down the birth canal. The soul knows it has to go through this tunnel and cannot avoid this. It has the desire to come back to this world, so it is drawn into this involutionary process to wake up in the body of a little child. At the first breath, the prana enters the body, and the baby is alive. But the brain is very small so it cannot express the consciousness that it had before it came in. It is looking, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, in a world it does not know. It is waiting until all the organs become stronger. This is a process of stages, in which we see more and more expression of the soul. The soul begins to operate this creature. But it does not remember this process. Only in spiritual awakening, the magic happens of feeling its soul being that came into the body.

Spiritual awakening does not mean that we have to meet a Master but can come from previous experience. We need guidance to go beyond what we had in past lives. That’s why we see children of various levels of consciousness. And quality souls only come into quality wombs. Parents will attract those souls that are necessary for the karmic journey of both parents and children. Also the time of birth and the planetary alignment is happening for the best karmic experience for the soul’s growth. And the genetic nature also aligns to karmas. It is a magnificent process! In Vedic astrology, Guruji’s life is shown to line up exactly to the Vedic astrology timeline.

This week we speak about Kundalini journey through the primal area. The meditation this morning was aligned to the teachings of this week. Because the primal journey is an animalistic journey and because we are all spiritual seekers, we need to learn how to tame this animal and ride it magnificently! In ignorance, when we think we are the animal, we become animal-like! Then we live lustful greedy lives, hoarding, territorial. Your brain is built to express the animal as well as the saint. So in low consciousness, the brain will allow you to become fully like an animal. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can be a painful experience. You know how animals can fight with each other! We see an array of animals that show different consciousness, but they all can be tamed. Some animals can even bond with humans despite their fierce nature, like crocodiles or lions. Our presence, love and peace can bring out the best in them. We can live in harmony with them and live in harmony with the animal that we are.

So when you spiritual impulse begins stronger, you begin to notice your animal nature! Sometimes you despise it! Some religions call this carnal (flesh) and try to hide it. Sex becomes a negative thing. Women are subjected to pressure for men’s testosterone energy. We see what this animalistic nature can do when people get a bit spirituality in them. Anybody with a lit bit of spirituality was burned at the stakes. Great masters were there but hidden away in caves.

When we are guided rightly on the spiritual journey, we can bring out the best in the animal nature. How sweet it can be to live with this animal that we inhabit. Guruji enjoys living in the human body tremendously. He has learned to live in harmony with every facet of the human experience. He brings out the shine of the sacral chakra, which can bring a lot of wellbeing, creativity, and nourishment (ojas). When it is not under control, it saps your energy away.

The navel makes you the peaceful warrior, being strong. Kung fu masters demonstrate this. You can bring the strength of the manipura chakra. Guruji always loved the strength of yogis and kung fu masters. How do you develop a body that has vital shine and can stay for the long haul? And how do you energize that body?

When you are walking consciously, you should not see the feet and hands flinging. You should walk consciously and stealthily like a cat, with a surety in every step. And the breath, if you really learn to breathe, you would not hold your eyes on the computer with a shallow breath but take breaks to breathe into the manipura chakra and fire up the eyes.

How can we not hold the body in our energy field? In qigong there’s the wonderful practice of wu chi. The masters will stay holding the hand and feet in the energy, nourishing them through the mental prana and the prana of the chakra.

We need to bring out the beauty of the root, the sacral, and the gut! We need to bring out the shine of the animal body, live in harmony with it. Understanding it is an animal but bring out the best in it. Kundalini Mahayoga teaches that.


  • We enter the body at birth, drawn into an involutionary process, and cannot fully express the consciousness we had before coming in because the brain and organs have not yet developed. Only upon spiritual awakening do we start to remember that we are a soul being that came into this body.
  • Spiritual awakening brings us back to the level of consciousness we had in past lives. If we want to go beyond this, we need the guidance of a Master.
  • Our parents, time of birth (planetary alignment), and genetic nature are perfectly chosen for our karmic journey.
  • Our body is like an animal, and we need to learn how to tame this animal and ride it magnificently. Your brain is built to express the animal nature (lust, greed, hoarding, territorial) as well as your saintly nature. We should not despise our animal nature but bring out the best in it.
  • The sacral chakra can bring us wellbeing, creativity, nourishment, and shine (ojas) when under control. When it is not under control, it can sap our energy away.
  • The navel chakra (manipura) can make us a peaceful warrior, full of strength, and can help us to energize the body.
  • Can we hold the body in our energy field? Can we walk consciously, stealthily like a cat, with a surety in every step? Can we use the breath to energize ourselves and fire up the eyes?

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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