Guruji has been speaking about the stages in evolution through the Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra granthi. We need to grow the desire for more awareness, more energy, more fulfilment. More than anything else, you need the desire to know more, to unleash your full potential!

If you walk into a gym or see runners or dancers or hikers, isn’t there a desire in your soul to be fit? Or does the tamas quality hold you hostage? Making you lazy, glued to your couch and TV? Are you there, or do you want to breathe in more fresh air and walk in the sunshine, walk the earth with your bare feet like you are meant to walk, without insulation on the feet.

Learn to have a relationship with the elements of nature! Your body craves it. How come you don’t feel it? Your body craves the fruits and the greens. You have spoiled your body with the artificial sugars. Can your sugar urge be fulfilled by eating a fruit? You eat such processed foods, and the body is not finding what it needs. When you eat the whole foods or the raw foods, your body feels better, more nourished. In Brasso (Vrindavan), you’ll be able to walk bare feet, and eat from the trees, and play in the water. Why have we lost this?

Similarly, there’s a spiritual urge within us to grow more into sattva. Why do we hide that and go into aggression and hate? That is the evolutionary impulse. How can we deny this? How can we become so caught?

Do you know what happens? This is the undoing of our society. We educate people in a classroom, like animals in a pen, where they can’t breathe properly. And we teach them what we want and prepare them for a commercial world. What about teaching them about life? About harmony and peace and love? About ecological principles? Our world is out of balance and when we get a headache, we run to the pharmacy. How come you don’t see that?

Guruji worked in the secular world, but never felt caged. He worked with the awareness that he can walk from one job to another. He does not need much to survive: some food and a shelter. He does not need to hoard or own anything because he has everything right here and he’ll leave everything right here where it can be of use to society. He only needs what is required for survival.

How can we channel that infinite spirit within us to create a better world where people can be happy? We live in a commercial world about money and power, not one about sharing and giving. We can’t trust anybody. There’s a lot of wolfs in sheep clothing. It can be lawyers, teachers, business people, big farmers, big tech companies, everybody wants something from us. And we have to be careful about artificial intelligence and genetic engineering. We are doing poorly so far: climate change, poor soils. Food in supermarkets are no longer truly healthy. The flavor is not anymore like from what is planted in good soils. We need a better world!

And we need a world that thinks universally. Many paths, one destination. Everyone is our brother and sister. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam: the world is one family!

How do we grow that desire? Association with the good, the noble, the virtuous, those evolved souls. And we need sadhana. In a dark world, do you want to live without sadhana? If you have a young plant, you need to protect it with stakes until it grows stronger and will survive. That is what we need to do when we are still vulnerable. We need vivek (discrimination) and detachment when the world overwhelms us with too much food, too much work, and nourish ourselves through sadhana.

The fastest way to grow that desire within is to stay with more evolved souls on a continuous basis until the deeper parts of you begin to surface and manifest more. When Guruji was young, he looked for the wiser people around him. He would borrow encyclopedias from someone and read them and learned a lot. He was always seeking to learn.

The goal is to grow that desire to manifest the Divine within you! And open your eyes to see your connection with nature. And allow that potential within you that is seeking to manifest. The moment you invoke that power, it will seek to manifest and make you restless. It will call again and again through kriyas. And the grace will be there to support you on the journey. The Divine is always with you! It is you who loses faith.

When Guruji was searching at 20 years old, he met a sannyasin from Trinidad and asked for a meeting with him. He asked him: “Have you experienced the turiya state?” He said no. Guruji’s heart sank. He realized these are not the Masters for him. When he went to India, he was really touched by what real Masters are.

Let’s grow together. Guruji is with us. Let’s continue to grow the light within us and in the world around us!


  • More than anything else on the evolutionary journey, we need the desire to know more, to unleash our full potential. We grow that desire by association with the good, virtuous, and more evolved souls.
  • Do we have the desire to become more fit and healthy, or are we held in tamas? Do we want to breathe in the fresh air, walk in the sunshine, and walk with bare feet on the earth? Do we feel our connection with nature and the elements?
  • Do we feel what foods our body needs or have we spoiled it with artificial sugars and processed foods?
  • Do we get consumed by money and power or can we live without hoarding or seeking more possessions? Can we get what we need for survival and work towards creating a better world?
  • Do we protect ourselves in this dark world by sadhana, spiritual discipline? We need to protect ourselves like protecting a young plant with stakes until it grows stronger and can survive. We need detachment and discrimination in this world that can overwhelm us.
  • The Divine is always with us and guiding us. It seeks to manifest within us. It calls us again and again through kriyas. And the Grace is there to support us. Do we have faith in the Divine?
  • Seek to grow the light within you and in the world around you!

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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