Guruji has been speaking to us about the kriya journey. The most beautiful thing about Kundalini Mahayoga is that Kundalini Shakti does the work for us. She uses a whole Universe to teach us. If you can’t catch it within, She orchestrates it outside. This might be painful, but it is required just like sometimes surgery needs to happen. But Her hand is always outstretched to us. If you can’t figure out the instructions, She will orchestrate the Play to protect you, and will be right behind you to help.

In the story of the prodigal son, the son asked for his inheritance and wasted the money until he was so miserable that he went home. When he wanted to apologize, the father didn’t want to hear anything and just hugged him: my son who was lost is now found. So too, Kundalini is always behind you, waiting for you to turn around and come home!

So She orchestrates the inside and the outside, and if you learn from the inside, you don’t need the pain. Guruji has learned to walk with Her and since his first Shaktipat experience, he never turned back. He linked with Her and never let it go. And She gave him everything he could wish for.

Today is about the three stages of the kriya journey. Awakening allows Her to take over the process. But in the awakening process, She has to untie the binds, or unlock the seals, that are there when She is sleeping in the muladhara chakra. These are called the granthis, which means a tie, a bind, a knot.

The first knot, the Brahma granthi, opens up when we begin to develop a desire to know more, to experience more because we will never be satisfied with materialism! No matter how many riches we have, we will always crave for more. The more we have, the more we will crave to want, and misery will set in, having so much but no peace of mind or contentment. She now begins to open your eyes to see through your primal nature. It is not so easy to give up your primal nature (think about sugar, food, sex, alcohol, drugs), so that dual experience will continue to be there. We want to pray but we are drawn by the vice. We get drawn between two worlds. So this is one level, where we have all come from.

And as we begin to desire more and realize that the material world is not fulfilling, then the grace will come to us. We may receive education in the practices, a Guru may come, we may read a book or come upon another source to find a clue to the next step, or we may have a dream. She will begin to instruct us.

Then when we become less and less caught in the vice, a new knot unties in the emotional area, the Vishnu granthi. Music, theatre, dance, song, a new level opens up and God is worshipped differently. That is the journey through the heart. And we go through the journey again of realizing that we want more.

Ant then we want to understand ourselves and the universe and a new level comes. That is called the Rudra granthi. (Rudra is Shiva). Now we have to detach from all of these things and make the inner journey. The kriyas will be different. We don’t tolerate confusion and want clarity. We want to know who we are and where we are coming from. This is the journey along the bindu path.

But while you are going up, you didn’t clean everything from before. Several patterns will be there. And you have to be totally clean before you can enter the sanctum of the Divine, where the highest Masters of existence are. Your ego will be challenged, even a good ego, and you feel like you know nothing. And then you will meet the Sadguru, the Siddhas, the Masters, and they will take you the rest of the journey. They will show you how to change hamsa into soham, “I am the body” into “I am the Divine”, “The Divine and I are one.” (Ham is me first, and sa is God after. Soham is God first then me). That is the final leg of the journey.

This is the most amazing journey of self-discovery and the three levels that we are going through. It is an incredible journey, and adventurous journey, and with the right guides along the way and discipline (unwavering attention to the course), the victory will be yours! The golden cup will be yours! The throne will be yours!


  • In Kundalini Mahayoga, Kundalini does the work for us. She uses a whole Universe to teach us, and if we can’t catch it within, She orchestrates it without. She is always right behind us to help.
  • When Kundalini awakens, She has to untie three knots:
    • The Brahma granthi at the root: we realize that we can never be satisfied with materialism and our primal nature.
    • The Vishnu granthi at the heart: we start to worship God through music or dance or emotional practices, until we realize we want more than that.
    • The Rudra granthi at the brow: we want to detach from everything and make the inner journey and know who we are and where we came from. We are now on the bindu path.
  • When we are on the bindu path, not all patterns of the lower levels have been cleaned up, and She will help us clean these. We have to be totally clean before we can enter the sanctum of the Divine. We meet the Sadguru who can teach us how to change “I am the body” into “I am the Divine”.
  • In this incredible journey, with the right guides along the way and discipline and unwavering attention, the victory will be yours!

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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