Yesterday, Guruji spoke about the Shaktipat initiation. Shaktipat is a natural movement of energy when there is a need for it and you come into a high energy field. But when a Master finds you receptive and he looks into your eyes, you can be sure that he is transmitting energy to you because of your readiness and because you open your field. If you listen to the voice, that energy can come into you. If you get the sacred touch, you can begin to feel something coming through that touch. And in the field of the Master, you can feel the Master holding you mentally. And the Master has an open field, so you can also draw the energy of the Master yourself from wherever you are.

Today is about the kriya experience. The Shaktipat experience is awesome and a fast-tracking of your evolutionary process (compared to the natural evolutionary journey). Kundalini Mahayoga brings universality; it includes all yogas and energy exercise forms. Guruji can observe and catch any energy exercise because of Kundalini.

When Guruji talked about the ordinary Kundalini yoga yesterday, he did not mean the Kundalini yoga that is generally practiced in the West, but he was talking about strict forms of Kundalini yoga in India where Kundalini is awakened by force. And Kundalini Mahayoga that we practice is a natural awakening. Kundalini yoga in the West is more of a fitness routine good for wellbeing and not dangerous.

All souls are on a natural course of evolution, life itself is designed to evolve in consciousness. You will meet Masters along the way that will teach you different parts and not meet a Sadguru immediately. You may meet Gurus who teach you, for example, hatha yoga or practices of the heart or mind. At some point when you become more receptive and go on the last part of the journey, the bindu journey, you will meet the Sadguru who has transcended the duality. When you feel that resonance with the Sadguru, you know that you are on the final leg of the journey.

And you may think you have transcended the sacral chakra or the animal parts of us, but we can be right up to the brow and have remnants of these lower areas still active. On the bindu journey, She is going to clean up everything there in all the chakras from the root to the brow. When you apply yourself to that part of the journey, you can be sure that you are going to get to freedom. Then you can enjoy all the gunas freely and all the pleasures in the world in a detached way.

After Shaktipat, the dirty laundry is going to need to be cleansed. Depending on your level of consciousness from past lives (you see that from your preoccupations, such as those with food, drinking, ot other pleasure areas) and once you have a desire to grow in consciousness, She is going to challenge you in every area. If you are heart-centered (love music, dance etc), She will challenge your heart with kriyas and challenge dark areas in there. If you have mental kriyas, your thoughts are all over the place, you are occupied with images and mental condition, She is challenging you there.

When She comes into the heart, it could even feel like a heart attack but if you do all the tests, nothing comes up.  She is telling you to open up to love! When all these negative experience comes to you and you come back to Her, She will show you what is happening. And if you go the physical Guru, he may explain it to you. He may explain you what more needs to be cleansed and how to manage this. She teaches through the Sadguru, through the pain of life, and through the Karmic stage. If you are totally mental, She will challenge your mind, and She will begin to guide you inside as you begin to look for intuition.

In the upcoming weeks, Guruji will speak more about this ascension journey and the kriya journey. He will discuss the journey through the heart, the primal area, and the mental stage and show what may happen in the kriyas at these stages.


  • Shaktipat happens naturally, but the conscious actions of the Guru can create stronger transmissions of energy to you when you are ready and when you open yourself up to it. You can also draw energy from the Guru as his field is open.
  • Shaktipat and the ensuing Kundalini Mahayoga journey is a fast-tracking of the evolutionary process and it includes all forms of yoga and energy exercises.
  • When we meet the Sadguru and feel that impact, we are on the last leg of the journey. On this last leg, still many things may need to be cleansed from lower areas. She will clean up everything, depending on your level of consciousness from past lives and your desire to grow in consciousness.
  • These cleansing actions or kriyas may be challenging and manifest for example as physical pain, external situations, or disturbing thoughts. When negative experiences come to you, look for Her guidance and intuition. Or go to the physical Sadguru who may explain to you what is happening, what may need to be cleansed, and how to manage that. She teaches through the Sadguru, through the pain of life, and through the Karmic stage.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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