Guruji has spoken about that we need that shift, that spiritual awakening, into subtle body awareness to be able to be aware of Kundalini’s presence within us, that evolutionary energy within us that is driving the human experience and the Karmic Play. This magical shift can happen in the field of a Master. It could happen even in a moment. You may not even realize it at the moment, but it is nice to be conscious of that impact.

Today, we talk about this Shaktipat impact, the beginning of the Kundalini journey. The difference between the Kundalini Mahayoga and ordinary Kundalini yoga is that the ordinary Kundalini yoga tries to wake up Kundalini by force (mantra, exercise, etc.), but that can be dangerous. Initially, Guruji did not want to get involved in Kundalini yoga, but he got bowled over by Shaktipat. Luckily, he had the book Devatma Shakti, and he could read about the Master and realized that he was now on the path of Kundalini Mahayoga (also called Siddha yoga).

The most magnificent thing in Guruji’s awakening was the opening up of the heart chakra, because he felt so loveless and mentally challenged with a restless mind. Through his awakening and the mantra chanting by a group of disciples in the field of the Master, he found a place he could anchor in in his heart. His restless mind was still there, but Guruji didn’t bother with it anymore because his heart was so big now. He was happy and that made the difference. He happily did any seva and felt at peace. That experience never left him. Even when he journeyed through India again, he could feel it in any real spiritual space. And in Shivananda’s ashram, he started to practice hatha yoga and felt that the movement became automatic to him (like he felt in clapping and moving in singing).

So this Kundalini Mahayoga awakens Kundalini in the most natural way. You don’t need to push it. Even when the ego thinks it knows, you can’t push Kundalini! Kundalini will push you!

And when Kundalini is awakened within you and you have the prefect enlightened Master with you (a Siddha master), that Kundalini will guide you through the process. The connection we make with that enlightened Master holds us on the journey. Kundalini is teaching us at every step, so we no longer need a guide.

Guruji learned through Muktananda’s messages and books. When he first met Muktananda physically, he struggled with relating to him. Guruji felt worse. But fed up with this, he closed his eyes and came back to the Kundalini he knew, and focusing there and listening to Muktananda, he could feel that the power that moved that voice was not human. He could feel that that same power was within him, and he resonated with that power through this being. But Muktananda was so deep and Guruji couldn’t touch that. He was still growing. But he realized that in staying in that connection with him (which is Kundalini) that he was with him so long as he was with Her. He didn’t need to look at Muktananda anymore because he was with Her on the inside. But when Guruji saw Muktananda speak, move, act, he saw the energy in perfection, moving so gracefully. That is what he wanted to be! He wanted to move like that and have the power of that voice.

In the Mahabharata, there’s a story about Dronacharya, the teacher of the princes, and a tribal boy Eklavya who wanted to learn archery from Dronacharya, but Dronacharya refused to teach the tribal boy. The boy was so devoted to Dronacharya that he created a clay image in his form and became so devoted to the energy in that form, the perfection of him in that form. He started to pray to that energy with such devotion that he learned automatically every skill better than all the princes. Finally, he achieved such a feat in his archery that when people found out, they wanted to know who did this because only Dronacharya could do that. When Dronacharya found out, he asked the boy for his right thumb, and being so devoted, the boy gave it (and could no longer hold his bow). Just to show his devotion.

This story demonstrates that if we can just take the form and the energy of a Master, we can achieve everything. In the same way, Guruji stuck with the energy and honored the form of Muktananda. He loved everything about him and stuck to that connection, and that led to the 40 Days. That shows the power of the Master.

So in this tradition, the Guru can take you all the way. You don’t always need the physical connection but just that connection with the Guru! If you are destined to stay with him, that is a good thing as you can enjoy the mission of the Guru, but you don’t need it.

There are 4 ways to which a Guru can pass over energy to you:

  1. A look
  2. A touch
  3. A word (instruction)
  4. A thought (his attention, his blessing, his wish for us)

We need to value those! This will help us deeply on the journey.

Tomorrow Guruji will talk more about what happens after Shaktipat: the kriya experience. Because after Shaktipat, She is going to cleanse us and guide us through every exercise form. And She is a healer, so she wants to heal everything if you align to Her. If you can see it and understand, she will guide everything. We need the Guru when we can’t understand it.

Kundalini Mahayoga is a fascinating journey! A beautiful and colorful way to the Divine! May you be blessed with that Shaktipat and feel the thrill of having Her as your guide, and may you honor the outer Master.


  • In Kundalini Mahayoga, the Kundalini energy is not awakened by force (which can be dangerous) but in a natural way by a magical shift in the field of a Master.
  • The impact of Shaktipat starts an evolutionary journey that stays with us. We no longer need the physical Master, but we need that connection to the Master. Just like Eklavya used the form and energy of his teacher Dronacharya to learn, so we can use the form and energy of our Master to guide us through the journey. The Master can become a model for us of where we want to be, and we can resonate with his energy.
  • The Master can pass over energy to us in 4 ways:
    • A look
    • A touch
    • A word (instruction)
    • A thought (his attention, his blessing, his wish for us)
      (Valuing these will help us deeply on the journey.)
  • After Shaktipat, Kundalini is going to cleanse us, heal us, and guide us through the journey. Can we feel the thrill of having Her as our guide?
  • Can we honor the outer Master? Can we use him when we don’t fully understand Kundalini’s guidance?

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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