Guruji has been trying to get us to shift our awareness to subtle energy or subtle body awareness. Yesterday, he tried to help us to develop prana awareness by seeing the different layers of energy in the field. It is exciting when you can see the difference between mental energy, emotional energy, and the core vital energy. The pranamaya kosha is the one that drives the body, it is the one with the prana vayus (prana, apana, udana – the upward the energy that is in speech, samana – the digestive energy, and vyana – the circulatory energy). Pranaapana is what we can use to get deeper into contact with the Kundalini . Prana operates the mind, the lungs, the sensory system. Apana is the eliminating, the pushing out, the contracting. It is really good to become familiar with these pranas.

Today is focused on spiritual awakening. This shift in consciousness to subtle body awareness or chakra awareness can’t happen unless there is an act of spiritual awakening. This requires two things: (1) readiness/receptivity – wet wood cannot ignite; when you are dried out of worldly attachments and desires, you become more receptive and ready for a shift, (2) a field to help you to awaken. That is magical. In school we learned about magnetic energy. If we put unmagnetized iron next to a permanent magnet, its molecules become aligned and it begins to have magnetic properties.

That is what happens when we enter a field with aligned and strong energy, like the Guru’s energy or the residence of the Master. When you are in a strong field, impregnated with energy, something happens to you! It may be something small that grows. Others feel a dramatic impact. It can happen at different levels: mind, emotions, or body. This is called Shaktipat.

This happened to Guruji in a strong field in the ashram in Ganeshpuri, and he spent time in that ashram until he felt it was stable. After 1,5 months, he was invited to Agra, and then he noticed that the same process that happened in the ashram stayed with him. After Agra, he went to Rishikesh and then to Delhi where he stayed a whole month to explore ashrams and libraries there, in beautiful sadhana. He felt this energy with him throughout the journey, and then went back to the ashram in Mumbai where he stayed until he left for Trinidad. The energy grew as he kept giving attention to it. He only left when he was so strong in the energy that he was sure that that would stay with him. And so it was! Back in Trinidad, chanting Guru Gita, he felt like he was still in Ganeshpuri. The field never left him.

So Shaktipat awakens us, stirs up our field, and starts an evolutionary process. As we give attention to sadhana, it grows. And the more ready you become, the more growth happens. That is why we need to align to Divine will and stay on the path of Grace. Then life opens up to you.

Reflect on your journey of evolution: when you came into the field of the Guru and got impacted, what happened? Also negative things will happen, called kriyas. That is when you need the Guru and the ashram environment.

So today is about the energy initiation of Shaktipat from a Sadguru (one who lives in the light) and the ensuing journey of kriyas. If you stay aligned to Kundalini, all that you want will come to you. She will guide you on the journey.

And Guruji will stay with us in the practices until we are stable!


  • The shift in consciousness to subtle body awareness that we need cannot happen without spiritual awakening. For this, we need two things:
    • Readiness and receptivity: When you start to free yourself of worldly attachments and desires, you become more receptive and ready for a shift.
    • A field to help you to awaken. In the strong field of a Guru (or his residence) that is impregnated with energy, our energies are impacted like that of a unmagnetized piece or iron next to a magnet. Then, Shaktipat can happen.
  • Shaktipat starts a journey of evolution that will stay with us if we give attention to it. The more ready we become, the more growth happens. That is why we need to align to Kundalini, to Divine will, and stay on the path of Grace. She will guide us!
  • Today, reflect on your evolutionary journey that started with Shaktipat. What happened? This may be positive or negative, as cleansing kriyas may have occurred.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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