The theme of this week is the awakening of Kundalini Shakti and Her ascension along the sushumna nadi, the spinal column. All that Guruji is saying to us is what he is experiencing and what we can experience as well.

We are all held in maya, the illusion that we are the physical body. We are caught in body consciousness. Do you agree? You think you see with eyes. You see with your soul, not your eyes! Your eyes are the instrument of seeing. Your ear is the instrument of hearing. You hear with a power that we call indriya. The sense organs (skin/touch, nose/smell, ear/hearing, tongue/taste, eyes/sight), these are only instruments. The real perception happens with your astral senses.

The whole process of sadhana is to come into subtle body awareness to realize that we can see from another place. Guruji is asking us not to believe but to open up to the possibility. The one who is perceiving is the subtle body. In yoga, we call that sukshma sharira.

This week is about awakening to the subtle body. You are already using it, but are you aware that you are using it? Guruji sees, smells, tastes from another place and is highly conscious of that. When you are caught up in the taste of food, do you realize that the experience is not just in the physical body?

Can you imagine when you shift from gross to subtle awareness, what happens? You begin to feel the energies through the eyes, through the spinal column. Energies begin to become perceptible. That is an incredible experience.

We need to strive for that shift, because the management of the physical body can only happen from there. You cannot manage it from physical body awareness only. When you begin to shift the energy to subtle body awareness, there is a journey of growth and evolution, and the development happens in degrees. The control will not be there right away. The awareness of energies will be there and you need to grow your control of it.

When Guruji did not yet experience this, he could not understand this. Before he went to India at 21, he struggled because he felt there was something to be known that he did not know. That struggle became so intense that he could not leave it. The inability to control his inner space held him. He had no idea of what the experience of shifting would be but just wanted to meet a Master. His shift or initial awakening happened in a temple without the physical Master, because the Master’s field was so strong there. Guruji was dramatically awakened because of his readiness for it. Chanting made that shift happen. His body began to move on its own, his hands started to clap on its own, and he was watching his body. He was confused. The space grabbed him and he stayed longer than he thought he would.

The awareness to understand what happened to him came by reading the book “Devatma Shakti.” In the chapter “The science of Kundalini awakening”, he read about the same experiences he had, and that led him to understand Muktananda and what a true Guru is. When you meet a true Guru, a change will happen, and that change will continue till the end of the journey! Guruji held on to that and that began a shift.

Days after, he could feel that he was walking in energies. His heart chakra opened up, and the love he was looking for started to emanate from his own soul. For the first time, he was truly happy. And the experiences just grew, even doing seva. The mind was not under control, he would still dream in meditation, but the heart was full of love. But before he left India in 1975, he started to feel something in the brow chakra.

After 4 months, he felt that he did not need India for the rest of the journey. Kundalini became his Guru and God. He came back to Trinidad completely devoted to Kundalini. That was the gift of spiritual awakening. You can have that as well! That is why Guruji devoted his life to help people shift their consciousness.

Stay aware, because there is another level of consciousness within you, another level of perception, extrasensory perception, that you can have that will slowly begin to help you to evolve in consciousness and to master the human experience and to find joy, happiness and fulfilment in the human experience. There are higher levels of perception!


  • What happened when you met the Guru? Was there a change? Did that change continue?
  • Observe your own levels of awakening. Have you awakened to subtle body energy?
  • Are you aware that your sense organs are only instruments and that the real perception happens with your astral senses? Are you aware that the soul is the one who is seeing, hearing, etc.? Can you see, smell, and taste from another place? Do you experience extrasensory perception?
  • Does your awakening and growing subtle body awareness lead to more management of the physical body? When you begin to feel subtle energies, there is a process of evolution and you need to grow your control of it.

Enjoy the practices!

(Each day, I’ll try to give some notes and a short summary of the main practices outlined in Guruji’s morning talk, shortly after the program finishes!)

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